Day 2 is here. Everything seems like I am in a bit of panic state trying to get things all done. Blogging here, getting pictures taken, and measurements done.  Even precooked some chicken today.

Day 1 recap

Day 1 went pretty well. The only thing I really didn’t do, was get out and walk.


Eating wasn’t too bad. MFP Food Diary.  Had a Bacon Ranch Grilled Chicken Salad from Mcdonalds. No dressing. I used a Ken’s house Italian at home that has zero carbs.

Dinner was some sausages and salad. After that I saw I was still really low for the day on calories, and added in a scrambled egg with cheese.


Made no ground here, unfortunately.


I think my sleep went well. I got to bed pretty close to 12:30am.  My Fitbit started tracking at 12:37am. Woke up at 7:43am.

Not too many times awake. I also felt like my reading routine helped. Currently reading the first book in The Expanse series. Of course, I wanted to keep reading last night, but I knew I had to get to bed.

Mental state

Right now, I am feeling pretty good emotionally. I’m a little overwhelmed trying to get all the things done right away, but that won’t be like that too long.

I actually fell pretty accomplished with things I have gotten done so far today. Got some Costco shopping done, and precooked a little bit.

Time to keep this positivity train rolling!

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