My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 3

Day 3 is here, and I am tired. Maybe it is part keto flu, but I mostly feel like I did not sleep well last night.

It’s raining off and on here, so no walk yet. I did get some cooking of over roasted chicken breasts at least, and cleaned up the dishes.

Mentally, I noticed I am quick to anger. Things quickly annoy me today.

Day 2 recap

Yesterday was a quality day. Made a Costco run for a few items, and got other things finished up.


MFP Food Diary  Net carbs under 20 grams. Calories 1429.  Tried to make sure I drank plenty of water as well.  Again, it’s pretty boring food, but it is fine for me. I can start getting more options once I start having a handle on the numbers. I’ll be working more food prep into this all soon.


No work here. A bit of extra walking out as Costco and such, but nothing with me specifically going out to walk.


I did get to bed in plenty of time. Fitbit started tracking sleep at 12:18am to 8am. Sleep was very restless to me. I woke up a couple of times, and in general just felt like it was poor sleep

For the rest of Day 3

It is raining pretty decent today. I think I will still try to get out and walk later tonight. Otherwise, it’s just time to keep pushing forward.

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