My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 5

Day 5 comes to you from a cold and wet Northern California.

Not too much to report so far today. Precooked a bit of chicken breasts. Didn’t get out for a walk yet, and still need to take down the lights on the Christmas tree.

Bloodsugar test this morning was good. 81. It’s been over 100 the last few days to start the day off.

Day 4 review

Day 4 was pretty successful. I finally got out there and went for a walk. Nothing too far. I ate a few extra calories during the day, but still was under net carbs target.


MFP Food Diary.  Again, nothing fancy, just pretty basic stuff. I don’t have a certain calorie number that I must be under. I’m mostly focused on the Net carbs, and how much my body may actually be hungry. 1400 or so calories is about where I had been on other days. Day 4 I got up to 1720. Still not a big deal. Net carbs was at 18g total.

My dinner ended up being a little weird, because I was running late for bowling. I ended up heating up some chicken meatballs, and eating them on the way. Probably could have grabbed some almonds as well, but I hadn’t thought about it when I was leaving. At least this way, I wouldn’t get super hungry, hopefully, while I was bowling.

It worked. I didn’t feel too hungry at bowling. The bowling center was really muggy inside, so I was pretty hot. Definitely got in my water for the day. Drank 32oz just while bowling!

When I got home, I was able to test my blood sugar, then proceeded to eat the rest of dinner. Chicken breast, salad, and some almonds.


Went out for a quick walk in the morning. Didn’t quite hit 30 minutes total, but did get a little of a mile in. A decent first step.


In bed by 12:30 am again. FitBit tracked 12:34 am to 8:24 am. Sleep seemed mostly OK. I do recall moving around quiet a bit, and had a bit of a cough when I was fit laying down.

I think the wife agrees, we need a new mattress. Might be something we get pretty soon.

Small victory for the day:

Just simply getting out there for a walk.


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