My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 9

Whoa, the scale lies!

Today I got up and did my normal weigh-in. The scale said I gained a pound. I don’t really give it much thought though. I’ll expand on it more in my Food review of the day. This is why you never fully trust that scale though!

Today when I got up, I wasn’t feeling all that great. I’m thinking it my electrolytes. So that is something I need to get back up to level quick.

Let’s Review Day 8

Day 8 started off great. I got up and took my weight, made breakfast, then went for a Costco run. I didn’t get out for a walk. It was raining, and my fitbit needed charging.

Monday night means bowling night in my scratch league. We had been off the last couple of weeks for Christmas and New Years. It was good to be back with my teammates. Unfortunately, we got slaughtered. We were in second place, and battled the first place team. My team wasn’t doing that well, and the other team was doing phenomenal for them. I did bowl well also. 210, 246, 226, for a 682 series.


MyFitnessPal Food Diary.  1507 calories, 18 net carbs. Oven roasted some more chicken breasts, and once again my son took two of them right away. Food was a off today, at least dinner. Everything started off well enough. I just found I wasn’t very hungry around normal lunch time. So I didn’t eat lunch till after I picked up my son from school at 2:30 pm. So I was done near 3:45 pm. I usually leave for bowling at 5:30 pm. Next thing I knew, it was 5 pm, and I needed to shower and get ready to go. No time to eat. Again though, I wasn’t hungry. I didn’t end up being hungry until my 3rd game of bowling. So then I get home and get my dinner ready. By the time I was done eating, it was 10:45 pm. I have a feeling that played a part in my 1 pound weight gain today.


I ended up not walking. I did plan to in the morning, and put it off. Of course, I didn’t count on not eating before bowling. Everything felt in a tail spin, and the walk was expendable today.


Sleep was OK, but I recall being awake then few times after 6 am. I think it was part my wife getting ready for work, and me being uncomfortable. I went to bed a few minutes later so that I could finish reading the chapter in my book. Not too much later though. Fitbit tracked 12:42 am to 8:10 am.

No real small victory today, other then just me getting some things done around the house.

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