My Journey to a Healthy me, Day 11

Well, today had been more of a down day. Woke up today, and really haven’t wanted to do much. I did get dishes done, and a few other things.

I might need to go see the dentist soon. A couple of days ago, after eating some almonds, I started feeling soreness in my tooth. It is the same tooth I had a root canal done a few months back. Yesterday it felt like it was getting better, but today it is worse.

Just a few minutes ago, I was eating. Not because I was hungry though. Today seemed like a tough day for me wanting to break the keto eating. My kid had a piece of candy, and my mouth started watering. Then the last couple of days, my wife has been working late. Today she brought home the leftover lunch. It was pizza and wings. I almost wanted to give in and eat that pizza. It looked so good. I wasn’t hungry, but I had that feeling that I had to eat something. So I chose to eat the oven baked hotwings. They didn’t have any breaded coating or anything, so I figured they would be fine. Just a way to not give into the pizza.

On a good note, my doctor emailed me back. She said I should worry about some of the low numbers I am getting on my bloodsugar testing. She told me to reduce my Metformin pills from 2 down to 1. I still take all the other things. In 3 days, I am to email her with the results.

Day 10 review

Wife had worked late, so I wasn’t able to go out late to walk. I should have taken car of it during the morning, but sometimes the mood just isn’t strong enough. Sleep seemed ok, though I felt really out of it again this morning. I’m beginning to wonder if it is my tooth giving me issues along with low blood sugar.


MyFitnessPal Food Diary.  1594 calories, 15 net carbs. Got in some of those pickles and pork rinds. Didn’t seem to have any certain cravings yesterday.


No exercise done today. I put it off in the morning, and then life happens later on. No walking.


12:39 am to 8:00 am tracked on my Fitbit. I felt like I slept OK, but woke up not feeling all there. I was worried a little about my blood sugar. I recall having a partial dream that I was saying I would eat some chocolate candy to spike my numbers back up. Probably why I had some many cravings today. Plus the issue with my tooth.

For the rest of tonight

Well, it is late already. Time to shut everything down, read for a bit, then get some decent sleep. At least I hope!




  1. Great post! I stuggle sometimes with craving as well but you did great with the wings as a healthy choice. By the way, there’s a chicken crusted pizza that’s totally keto that you can make if you are needing pizza and it’s like 2 carbs. There’s also fathead pizza as well. keep in mind that this is a lifestyle change and if you feel like it is getting to be too much switch it up and do a little lazy keto where you just watch your carb intake, it may help when you feel like eating other foods.

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    1. Yeah, I have been looking at the keto subreddit on reddit for awhile, and see people mention fathead pizza a lot. So far I haven’t had the craving so much for pizza. This one from last night just looked really good, and those signals in the brain started making me want to eat all the things. 🙂 In the past, I had made a cauliflower crust pizza as well, and that wasn’t too bad.


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