Move over Groudon, here comes Kyorge

Well, technically Groudon should be out for a few more days. His last day is on January 15th according to

I wrote a little blog about Groudon when it came out.

Kyorge is here

Announced to appear today January 12th until 1 PM PST February 14, 2018. One would assume, that Rayquaza would be next. Personally, I can’t wait for Rayquaza.

First let us deal with Kyorge. Kyorge is a water type pokemon. Typical wisdom woudl say Electric and Grass types will be your best battlers.

Thanks to reddit user, RyanoftheDay, we have his info graph for best Kyorge counters.

Kyorge can use Dragon Tail, or Waterfall for it’s Quick Move. 3 Charge moves are Blizzard, Thunder, and Hydropump.

It looks like Raiku (Thunder Shock + Wild Charge), and Sceptile (any + Leaf Blade) are your best against all movesets. Though Sceptile might not last too long.

Against Hydro pump, you will need Exeggutor or Venusaur (Any + Solar Beam). Another option might be Dragonite (dragon tail + Not Hyper Beam)

Blizzard counters are Groudon (Any + Solar Beam). Nedium attacker is Ho-Oh (Extrasensory + Solar Beam)

Thunder has Groudon (Any + Solar Beam) again, with Exeggutor or Venusaur (Any + Solar Beam)

There are alternatives of course. Like Jolteon and others.

My time to raid

Of course as soon as I heard, I was scanning the local discord group to see if anything was out there. It seems like Groudon are still possible too, so you kind of have to show up and wait.

Report came in that a level 5 hatch was happening at The Great Mall. It is a sponsored Sprint gym as well, and EX-Raids have happened there numerous times. I was going to go, then I wasn’t. Finally I decided to get over there before the hatch time.

I made it with about 5 minutes to spare. So many people there. Eventually the hatch happened, and it was Kyorge.

Next the people started breaking into groups. Valor over here, Mystic over there, Instinct was going public group.

The count down timer is ticking, and I am looking through different pokémon. I couldn’t decide what to try out, so eventually just settled on whatever.

Here is my raid:

I had heard from some others that it was hard to catch, and they were not wrong. First, Kyorge is really far back. Already that makes it tough to land Excellent curveballs. Kyorge also moves from left to right, and attacks from time to time. Normally, I wait for the attack animation before I throw.

I had 10 balls to throw. It took my 4 to catch it. CP 2296. 87% 14/11/14. Not too bad.

I did do a second raid at another EX location, but failed to catch it. One guy did attempted to catch it in AR mode (Only on newer iphones), but he thought he bugged it. I have seen some people reporting that it is much easier to catch doing the AR Mode.

Now get out there

Time to get out there and get Kyorge. Plus, Pokémon GO Community Day will be coming January 20th. It’s a great time to play.

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