My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 13

Today has been a pretty good day overall.

I went this morning and got my hair cut. My wife dropped me off, then took my son to bowling. When I was done, I walked over to Costco nearby. I didn’t take the direct path though, I walked around the block a bit. While not a specific get out there and walk moment, I did still get in a little more walking.

My wife, and son met up with me at Costco. Picked up some items we needed. Then it was time for lunch. We decided on Jersey Mikes again. This time I didn’t get the Big Kahuna in a tub, but found a lesser carb sub in a tub. The #11 Stickball special. Provolone, ham and salami. In a tub, it is 320 calories, 10 carbs, 1 fiber. So better then a 15 carb. I added a little Italian dressing.

Next up was my Match Club bowling. The lanes were a bit tough. Really dry. Splits seemed to be my friend today. I did finally post a good game at the end. 140, 175, 227 for a 542 series. Well below my average. Our team ended up losing just by a few pins. Not sure how we did overall as a club.

I was interested in how much bowling would be a workout. So I set my fitbit in workout mode.

There was some heart rate fluctuations in there. So it isn’t an intense super workout or anything, but still burning some calories.

Day 12 Recap

Overall the day was a win for me. Decent bounce back for myself emotionally. Things feel like they are moving forward.


MyFitnessPal Food Diary.  1399 calories, 14 net carbs. Everything seemed fine with food yesterday. I had lounged around in bed for awhile, so never did get breakfast. Still got in everything. Even had a hot dog at the Hockey game.


Nothing specific happened here for exercise. I’m not too worried about not getting it in. Still, I really want to try to get this going. At least walking every day eventually. Then run again at some point, and start bodyweight workouts. Leading up to that day that I get weights involved again. Just starting with the baby steps again first!


12:51 PM to 8:35 AM. Looks like I didn’t quite make it to bed near my 12:30 window. I was reading, and finished the chapter. I guess it was a bit longer then. Not too worried about it. I did feel like I slept OK during most of the night. Had a bit of awake time before I actually got up.

Day 13 is almost done here. Day 14 will be cleaning, and prepping some food.

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