My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 14

Today had been a busy one.

I got woken up that my wife was stranded at the Laundromat. The car died. So I needed to get in the other car, that isn’t working too well, and come get her. We had some roadside assistance with our insurance, so we had them come out. Dead battery. They were able to jump start the car, but the battery was in a really bad location. So that meant a trip to a place to replace it. That place was Walmart. We started off with 8 cars in front of us. So we had to do some shopping anyway. About an hour later we were done. The car was not. Still 6 cars in line. So we went home to wait. We then got home to do some cleaning, because my sister in law and her family were coming to stay with us. We dropped off the car at about 9 am, and it wasn’t ready till after 1:30 pm.  Things settled down, but I didn’t get out for a walk.

I cooked some chicken breasts in the pressure cooker. They were done so much faster. Even tasted good.

Hung out with my Sister-In-Law and her family this afternoon. Then did a raid in World of Warcraft.

Saturday recap

Haircut, a bit of walking, Costco, and bowling done.


MyFitnessPal Food Diary.  1456 Calories, 17 net carbs. Overall, not bad. I lived a bit on pork rinds! I didn’t notice any weird cravings, or eating impulses.


No go out for a walk done. I did however walk a bit after my haircut was done. So some bonus points there at least.


Sleep tracked 12:29 pm to 7:50 am. I got to bed when I wanted, but did not read beforehand. I was on the computer later. It seems I could not get to sleep for awhile. Possibly from this. I do recall waking up to adjust my cpap face mask, and roll over. Otherwise, sleep seemed fine. I did get the wake up call from my wife though.

Onward to Monday

I’ll be getting a week 2 summary wrote up. Family is in town, because we are celebrating my kids birthday’s at a San Jose Barracuda game tomorrow afternoon. Both kids have January birthdays, even though they are 12 years apart.

After the game, I will have bowling.

We will see how things go.

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