My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 16

Today, I am feeling great.

It’s just one of those times you wake up, and everything feels fine. I got up, and went for a small walk today. Nothing impressive. I just got out there and did it. Since I knew it would be a shorted walk, I tried to keep the intensity level higher for the whole walk.

I like walking outside for a couple of reasons. One, you do get some benefit from getting out there and moving. Even, if it is just a little bit. Second, it really puts my mind in a good place. While I walk, I get to think, listen to music, and just observe the beauty of the world around me. Of course it’s not always sunshine and rainbows, but it is what you make of it.

So today, I am feeling emotionally strong.

Monday recap

Yesterday went well. We had a lot of fun at the Hockey game, and my youngest son thought it was awesome that he got to sit on the bench during the warm ups.

I didn’t bowl well my last game of the night, but honestly, I always have fun bowling.


MyFitnessPal Food Diary.  1426 Calories, 16 net carbs.  Food was a bit more difficult with family around, and activities. I handled it well though. Wife went to get donuts for everyone. She didn’t get any apple fritters that are my favorite. Still, who doesn’t like a nice sweet donut ;)  Instead I made myself a ham and cheese omelet with some bacon.

Forgot to eat before going to the afternoon game, so I just had a hotdog (no bun), and water there. On the way home, we grabbed Mcdonalds. I had the Bacon Ranch Grilled Chicken salad (no dressing), and a quarter pounder with no bun. I added my own no carb dressing to the salad when I got home. I was a little surprised that the burger had so many carbs still without the bun. I guess that’s why it really is some garbage food there haha.


None done other then what I did walking around at the game. No big deal. We had family over, and had lots to do. Plus I did bowl.


Sleep actually felt good today. My fitbit had a weird upload issue, where it said 2am was my start. I readjusted, and it uploaded this. Says I was awake till 1 am, but I don’t think I was. Anyhow, 12:40 am to 8:47 am. I had woke up a bit earlier, and was trying to get back to sleep, but I was too sore, and there was too much people making noise in the morning.

All in all a good start to this week.



    1. Yeah part of my project this year, is to blog more. So I wanted to do the healthy me blog each day to just get better with doing it.
      Bowling is a lot of fun for me. Most places have things setup to make it fun for kids too.


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