My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 18

Today it looks like we are back on the rainy cycle. I didn’t get out for any walks today. I had the chance this morning, but didn’t take it. I did bowl tonight. 235-208-191 for a 634 series. Not too bad, I’ll take it.

I have been feeling really great these last couple of days since I have stopped all diabetes medication. I think those days I was having it rough, was from low blood sugar, and not from having low electrolytes. My blood sugar numbers have been much closer to normal levels now.

Tomorrow morning, I have my Eye Exam, and I will be stopping off at the lab to get my blood work in. Will have to wait and see what the doctor says after that.

I’m hoping it “Just don’t take them still” kinda news. This just enforces to me that Keto really is the way to be eating.

Wednesday Recap

Yesterday was a bit rough. Not just for me, but the family. 4 1/2 hours at the doctors. Thank goodness it wasn’t the 6 hours scheduled. Then just everything else going on.


MyFitnessPal Food Diary.  1781 Calories, 12 net carbs. The Calories were higher then I would have liked, but acceptable. I am mostly worried about making sure those net carbs are correct. We did go to Mcdonalds after the appointment. I had a salad and Double cheese burger with no bun, ketchup, or onions. I had snacked on pork rinds earlier. I made sure to pack a little something in case I got hungry while at the doctors. Plus I had my water with me.


None done. Honestly, I probably could have gotten something in there, but things were already overwhelming for the day.


My fitbit uploaded weird again, by having it start at 2 am. I adjusted it to 12:35 am to 8:11 am. Then when I reloaded, things looked better. I think it is pretty accurate, as I woke up a lot last night. Not sure what it was. I know in the morning, there was now way to get comfortable anymore, and I had to get up.

For Tomorrow 

I will be getting up early to get my Eye Exam in, and my blood work done. I am planning to get the blood work done before the eye exam, so I’ll be getting up at 7 am. Hopefully, I can get in a walk too.

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