My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 20

Whew, it is late. Sorry I didn’t get this in earlier.

I had Match Club bowling tonight. I bowled up in Pinole, Ca. It is a little over an hour to drive there. Then we had some lane issues that made me get home even later!

Bowling started off a bit rough. 187-181-277 for a 645 series. The middle game the lanes went down for 15-20 minutes. Eventually though, I got my grove going. The last game was feeling great. The other match club teams had finished by the time we were in the 6th frame of our last game. My match club was down 2-1 so far, so my team needed to win the series to make it a 2-2 split. So me bowling 277 really did it for us that last game.

Now some match clubs still offer food. There use to be big meals planned out. The hosting team would setup before we got there. Now though, Most all the clubs in the area stopped. Owners are too afraid of someone getting sick, and suing the bowling alley.

Tonight Pinole did have some food.

Two Pizzas, fried zucchini (I think), fries, wings, and mozzarella sticks. You guessed it, right behind the lanes I was bowling on. A month ago, I would have been all over this. Tonight though, I wasn’t even phased. It surprised me that I wasn’t tempted at all by it.

On to my Friday recap

I got a walk in. In general, I have been feeling great this week. Just riding this power of positivity!

This is WWE The New Day. They talk about the power of positivity a lot in their wrestling promos. I figured I would bring some of that in here.


MyFitnessPal Food Diary.  1458 Calories, 12 net carbs. It was a little odd yesterday, but it worked out. Had a burger from Burger King (No bun, no ketchup), and salad from Mcdonalds.


2.62 miles 47 minutes. It’s all over the place on the map, because I was getting pokéstops. I was going to go with a shorter walk, but decided to do some extra.


12:30 am to 8:44 am. I tried getting all the sleep. Still, I woke up some.

Onward to tomorrow

It is late, and cutting into my reading time, then bed. I will try to get out for a walk tomorrow, and will need to do some food prep.



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