My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 26

Back in the fight on day 26, or at least trying. I did get out for a walk this morning. Also made more plans for my trip to New York in March. Later, had a Costco run with the wife. Picked up a few meats. I’ll need to check out some recipes for them.

Thursday Wrap up

Yesterday turned out ok. I didn’t walk. I was pretty happy with how I bowled in my Thursday night league. I also did cook some chicken breasts for me to have over the next few days.


MyFitnessPal Food Diary. 1227 Calories,  10 Net carbs.  Didn’t have a breakfast. I wasn’t that hungry at first. I figured I would save it, and have breakfast for lunch. Just a ham and cheese omelet, with three strips of bacon. Later for dinner, we had McDonalds. Double cheeseburger with no bun, onions, or ketchup. Then the Bacon Ranch Chicken Salad with my dressing at home. Calories ran a bit low. I may try to increase it some. My body might not be ready to do that low if a calorie deficit.


None done today. To hit my goal of 5 days walked, I need to go Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I did tackle a walk this morning. So two more to go.


12:35 am to 7:32 am. I felt like I slept OK, except in the morning. I just got too uncomfortable. I was at least, back in bed haha.


My son bowls in the morning. Next we have to take him for some blood work. Then it is off to run errands time. At some point, I need to squeeze that walk in


  1. Great job that you’re still going strong. I pray your son’s bloodwork comes back in great working order! Man, I still need to get this bowling on my family is not really feeling the idea I think I’ll just take Keep up the great work man you are doing great!

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