My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 30

Only one more day, and I will have made it the whole month on keto.

I’ve been shadowing this blog along with my current challenge on the forums at Nerdfitness.  My current challenge “Tateman and the battle to avoid surgery” is in it’s final week. The first challenge of the year is from January 1st thru February 4th. Then a week off, and the next challenge starts.

Each new challenge you set yourself 3 to 4 goals. Usually one exercise type goal, two health, and one life goal. My goals were Keto eating, walking, sleep at 12:30 am, and posting there along with blogging here. I obviously don’t have much local support, so online is where it is at for me. People reading this, posting here, and people at Nerdfitness. I am happy anytime I see someone comment. I’m trying to get out there more for people too.

So in a week or so, I need to decide my next goal steps. In reality, they will pretty much be the goals I have now.

Future goals

Last night, I was thinking about my goals this year. I have a google doc that I have a list of future goals from back when I was doing well before. Some of it seems so out of reach right now. That is why I am here though. Working and fighting my way back to where I was, and beyond.

Some immediate goals I have are simple things. I want to run again. Even just a decent jog. That leads to other running goals. Like getting to run a 5k again. Seeing how fast I can get.

Once I can get myself back into working out, that brings in other goals. I’d like to be able to do a pull up. Boy, is that one far out goal right now. Still, something I want to do. So I will have to eventually have goals to support this bigger goal.

It’s always great to have big lofty goals I feel. You also have to have the smaller support goals to bring you to the big goals. Me wantign to run again is a bigger goal right now. So one of my smaller support goals is to get out and walk. Next goal would be more walking, then maybe stepping up to a Couch 2 5k program again.

I need to build this foundation, so I can reach higher and higher. What seems impossible now, might just be doable in a few months.

Monday summary

No walk done on Monday. Monday was busy. Had an appointment to talk about needs for my son. Later I had my Monday night league bowling. Not so great there. I did at least have one good game, but the other two were pretty bad for me.


MyFitnessPal Food Diary.  1868 Calories and 11 net carbs. We ended up getting a later lunch/dinner at The Habit Burger Grill. I’ve always liked the burgers there. I decided to have a lettuce wrapped charburger with a cobb salad. It added a few extra calories overall. I did have to eat a little later, because I was hunger after bowling!




12:50 am to 7:38 am. I got to bed late again. My older son, and I were looking at different spots in New York. Then we would look at the google maps street view to see how it looks. Time got away from me. Otherwise, my actual sleep was alright. Just the waking up in the morning was bad. Sometimes I can’t sleep when my wife is getting ready. Noise, and I am already getting too uncomfortable to be able to sleep though it.


I have another Pokémon Go EX Raid pass to do in the morning/afternoon. Maybe before, I can get a bit of a walk in. It might be time to finally get to cleaning up my computer area, plus get backups of my phone and computer.


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