My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 32

Oh man, it was rough today.

Today was a day I just wanted to stay in bed and do nothing. Even having visions of just giving it all up. Coming out and grabbing some cookies to eat why I play games on the computer.

Luckily for me, I’m not ready to give into that.

I had much to do today, and no desire to do any of it. Morning walk, nope. Stay in bed reading reddit and instagram. Finally, I get out of bed. I don’t even want to make breakfast really. I just heat up some meatballs, and eat some sunflower seeds.

Inner voice: Hey, I need to get the dishes done
Lazy me: just not in the mood.
Inner voice: OK, clean the cat boxes.
Lazy Me: Naw, don’t want to do that either.
Inner voice: Well, how about cleaning up the pc area.
Lazy Me: HAHA, no.
Inner voice: Well, you have no chicken, you need to cook some.
Lazy Me: Hmm, no I don’t.

I just felt like playing games. So, I did.

Eventually, I did get dishes done. I decided to get it done before picking up my son from school. Honestly, there wasn’t many to day, and it took no time at all.

Tonight was Thursday league bowling. I just wasn’t finding my grove. First game was a 176, and second was a 171. Finally, I started getting my stroke. I finished with a 235 game.

On the way home, I was already having the internal argument about a walk tonight. I decided not to.

Then, I was getting things ready to post here and my challenge thread on Nerdfitness. My inner voice started up again. “Come on man, let’s just get a quick walk in. It’s only like 9:20. We can be done and back by 10” Of course, lazy me was ready to counter argue “Oh, we would have to put shoes on again, blah!” Then the thoughts just swirled around for a bit. I felt the urge to walk getting stronger. Eventually, I gave into the urge. Put on those shoes, and grabbed my items to go walk. A shorter walk sure, but a walk no the less.

Of course my phone crash, AGAIN! Oh well though. I’ll have those stats for tomorrow’s summary.

Still, I feel good to end the day on a positive note, after starting off poorly.

Quick Wednesday Recap


MyFitnessPal Food Diary.  1575 Calories, 17 net carbs. A bit higher end on the carbs, but I kept it under 20. The Mcdonalds salad can easily jump things up.


2.43 miles. 45 minutes. Hey, no phone crash yesterday morning! The morning walk is kind of nice, because I get to see all the other people out there getting their exercise in.


12:26 am to 8:23 am. I recall waking up. When I did get up, I felt tired (and lazy!) New Casper mattress is scheduled to get here on Saturday!


I want to get a lot done tomorrow. A quick walk in the morning, then breakfast. Next get the cat boxes clean, take out recycle, dishes, and finally tackle the mess that is my PC area. It seems like way to much to get done, but I think I would feel pretty accomplished if I do get it all in.


  1. Kudos for not giving up man! It may help to go ahead and make some Keto deserts and have them on deck that way if you do get the urge you aren’t killing the carbs! And you won by the way, you went for a walk even though you really didn’t feel like it. I don’t know if you know this but that count double! Have a productive day my friend!


    1. I’ve always been nervous about getting into desert realm when I am trying to eat healthy. It is very easy for me to start slipping if I give in some.Plus, I HATE all sweeteners. No matter what it is, if the sweeter is in it, that is all I taste. In the past, I did Whole 30 eating. Then I use to use dates as a sweetener. That was ok, but I would start eating up the dates by themselves haha.


      1. Lol. I’m with you. It’s just for me I have to have a plan because there are times that I just have to have a few spoonfuls of something to ease the craving. You should try a pint of heavy cream and a box of sugar free pudding! If you just add them together and whisk it up it’s fantastic and I doubt you will taste the sweeter at least I hope not. You can throw a few almonds or ground nuts in just to give it a little boost but it’s great!


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