My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 33

Today, I did some work! I didn’t get all the things done that I wanted, but I completed a lot of them.

I got a call from my wife this morning. Someone hit our car while she was parked at my son’s school. They were there waiting before school like normal. Some guy tried to park in front of her. She said there was a huge area, so she has no idea how he hit her. It looked like his tire/hubcap area scraped the front bumper area of my car. My wife wasn’t sure if the light was moved. She said she took plenty of pictures, and got his information. Of course, his insurance card he had was expired in 2014. He says he has current, but who knows. Then as she is talking to me, I hear him say “So do you think we can make some kind of deal?” My wife told him she will contact the insurance place, and go from there. When she got home tonight, I went to look at it. There are some scrapes, and it does look like the light was moved some. The passenger side has some spacing between the light, and the body parts of the car. The drive side does not have the spacing. Insurance has a place for us to get the car looked at.

Other then that surprise, today has gone well. I went out and got in a walk. Not as small as I thought I would. Met my 6,000 step goal for four days in a row now.

I also reset my phone to factory settings, and am starting it off like a new phone. No crashing yet, but I still need to add some apps back.

I still had some slight Lazy me thoughts, but active me decided to kick it’s ass today.

Thursday recap

Thursday was a rough one. I went over it quite a bit in my last post.


MyFitnessPal Food Diary.  1494 Calories, 14 net carbs. It was a very lazy day for me, but I kept my numbers in check.


Despite me almost not going, Active me kicked in to get things done. The phone crashed about half way in, so this is a two part picture. Just a quick little walk, but the whole point was for me to get out there and do it.


12:44 am to 8:02 am. It felt like another bad night of sleeping. My wife did not sleep well, either. One more night on our current mattress. Casper mattress will be delivered tomorrow!


My son has bowling in the morning. We ordered him his own bowling ball too, so that should be in tomorrow. My wife will stay home in case the Casper delivery is early. I need to walk, work on my PC area, and take down the Christmas lights this weekend.


  1. Awesome job getting the walks in and hitting your 6k every time. That’s a big win for you. I need to order a damn bowling ball myself because if I spend money I’ll definitely go That stinks about the car but at least your wife is smart and didn’t let the guy talk her into something dumb. Good for her!

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