My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 35

The end of the weekend.

Today it was like a National Holiday for many Americans. It was Superbowl day. I did watch most of the game, but I was also raiding in World of Warcraft with my friends online.

Today was a bit of a lazier day. I did make some breakfast. I took down some of the Christmas lights outside, and got a walk in.

Tomorrow brings a weekly recap. My challenge over at the Nerdfitness forums is coming to an end. So Monday morning, I will be taking pictures and all getting all my measurements done. Then I can see what has changed since the beginning of the year.

First, let’s recap

I’ll add in things for both Saturday, and Sunday.


Saturday – MyFitnessPal Food Diary. 1245 Calories, 10 net carbs. Eating times were weird. I started off with not having anything to eat, until 2 pm or so. Then because of the hockey game, I didn’t eat dinner until 10 pm. By then I was trying to make sure I had 1200 calories on the day. It felt like I ate so much food.

Sunday – MyFitnessPal Food Diary.  1709 Calories, 3 net carbs.  Not any greens today. Chicken breast and pork rinds were involved. plus some Smoked Gouda cheese.


Saturday – No walking done.

Sunday – 2.34 Miles, 40 minutes. I wanted to give myself a little challenge tonight. So I ran for the last 250 feet, or so, on the way home. No 100% sprint or anything like that. Just wanted to see if I was possible. It looks like it is! So this feels like some progress to me. I don’t think I am quite ready for C25k program yet, but maybe soon!


I was bad, and didn’t get to bed until 1 am. Still, the new Capser mattress was feeling great so far. I did wake up once to move around. I like to lay on my arms, and eventually, they hurt. In the morning, I got up early. This time not from soreness, but because there was too much noise going on. Once my brain is active in it, it is really hard to get back to sleep. So, I just started my day up.

As for tonight, I am tired. I plan to read, and get to sleep on time.


Weekly wrap up time!


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