My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 36

Another week in, and things are still going well.

Today, I started off with taking measurements. The first set I took January 1st.

Weight:  367.6 lbs / 345.6 lbs – 22 lbs lost
Neck:  19.68 in / 19.68 in – no change
Chest:  55.90 in / 54.72 in – 1.18 inches lost
Waist at bell button:  61.41 in / 59.84 in – 1.57 inches lost
Bicep (L):  17.91 in / 16.37 in – 1.53 inches lost
Bicep (R):  16.92 in / 16.33 in – 0.59 inches lost
Forearm (L):  13.89 in / 13.34 in – 0.55 inches lost
Forearm (R):  13.89 in / 13.58 in – 0.31 inches lost
Thigh (L):  30.31 in / 29.44 in – 0.86 inches lost
Thigh (R):  28.89 in / 28.30 in – 0.59 inches lost

So 22 pounds lost over 5 weeks. Not too bad. Emotionally, I wanted more. Still, I lost and that is what counts.

My Biggest Gain

I think my biggest gain so far, has been being off my medicine.

Here is a list of all the medicine I was taking on January 1st.

1 – 10MG Glipizide
1 – Bayer low dose
1 – 40MG Atorvastatin
1 – 2.5MG Lisinopril
2 – 500MG Metformin

Everyday. So as I started going, my blood sugar numbers started to decrease. I would test twice a day. Before breakfast, then at least 2 hours after dinner. Around the 5th of January, my numbers stayed below 100. Then the 6th and 7th, they started dipping into low blood sugar territory. I saw this happen before in the past when I would play around with Keto eating. Usually I would freak out, and eat tons of garbage to get my sugar levels back up. This time, I emailed my doctor. I was committed to eating in the keto way this time. She said my numbers were too low. on the 10th, they were 68 and 43. She had me reduce down to one Metformin pill.

I did get a 102 blood sugar the next morning, but the rest came in low still. The night of the 15th, she said to stop taking all the diabetes medicine, and come in for blood work asap.

It took my a couple of days, but I did get in for blood work. Now, when she said to stop the medicine, I did. I stopped everything. In the past, I got off the metformin, but continued some of the other stuff. When the bloodwork came back, everything looked fine as far as I could tell. My doctor never did email me back, so I have continued on.

No medicine, and my numbers have pretty much been in the 80’s since I got off them.

I do think I will email my doctor back with current numbers and see what she says. Otherwise, I just will look forward to see what my numbers will be in a few more months.

Last 5 weeks summary

The emotions have had a roller coaster ride from time to time. Though a lot of it was from low blood sugar levels. I’ve had lots of temptations during the last five weeks, and was able to turn away each time.


In the past, I had played with keto. This time, I stuck with it. I think it has been great so far. I mostly stayed pretty basic the whole time. I think I ate enough salad greens to cover a rain forest. All in all, a great experience. So I will Keto on. It is working so far.

I am starting to think about the coming weeks. I have a party to go to on March 10th. My wife’s work is throwing a celebration. So there will be some dressing up. Probably open bar, and plenty of snacks. As of right now, I plan on breaking Keto then. I want to be able to enjoy the night, and not have to worry about if I tracked the numbers. Still, I also want to make sure it isn’t a eat all the bad things free for all. I figure it will be a good learning process for me to help with my New York trip in late March.

My challenge over at Nerdfitness is over. In the next challenge, I plan to keep on with the Keto eating. I’m considering doing IF as well. I just need to figure out how long I want to fast for. I’ve done the 16/8 method easily in the past. I might start there, then ramp it up.


Overall, not too bad for 5 weeks. I was at almost 90, 000 steps from November 26th to December 31st. I’d say that is a pretty big improvement.

I might switch this up soon. I might continue on with going for a walk each day for 5 days, then ramp up higher as need be. I also thought that maybe I concentrate on getting in my goal steps each day. Then I can ramp that up as needed. Go from 6000 steps to 10000. I haven’t quite decided yet. As it is, I will continue to at least get out there 5 days and get in a walk.


My sleep has been getting better. Still too easy for me to slip into night own mode though. I’m going to keep focusing on my sleep. I might start moving things up a half hour, so I am in bed by midnight. I have enjoyed reading before heading to bed, and I have plenty of books left to read still.


  1. These are amazing results my friend! I know you wanted more on the measurements but you dont want it fast because too fast means you will gain it back. If you keep it constant like you are the sky’s the limit and it’s a habit not a onetime thing! I think you should be very proud! I know I’m proud of you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, my brain likes to try to trick me sometimes. I get that internal struggle. One side tried to leave em with doubts, the other gives me hope. Things are moving in the proper direction. I didn’t get so overweight overnight, and the weight won’t fall off that fast either.


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