My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 38

Today has been better emotionally for me. Though I still didn’t get out on an official walk today. When I dropped off my son at school today, I parked a bit farther. It is near a park. I usually park there when I pick him up. So I did get a little extra walking in. Just nothing to write home about haha.


MyFitnessPal Food Diary. 2039 Calories, 6 net carbs. It was a rough day, and I felt I needed to eat, even when I wasn’t hungry. Still, I kept the carbs in check.


None really. Just the bit of minor walking today when I dropped off, and picked up my son from school.


Too tired today. I did read last night, but didn’t watch the time. Ended up getting to bed later. Fitbit tracked 12:55 am to 7:16 am. I woke up a lot. I think because I knew I would have to be up to take my son to school this morning. I just know I am tired today, and that made it too easy to listen to lazy me.


I got my new challenge thread up on the Nerdfitness forums. “Tateman continuing the Battle to Avoid Surgery

I worked on IF today. I was slightly late on my ending window. Ate around 5:13 pm.

The challenge doesn’t officially start until the 12th. Still, I posted it up early to get moving on it now. I took a couple of days off, and now I need to get going again.


It is looking like a busy day. I need to get to the store to get a few food items. I have to pick up my son from school. a little bit later, I have a Pokémon Go EX raid to go to. I also will not be bowling tomorrow. We have tickets to go see the San Jose Sharks vs The Las Vegas Knights. Our first Sharks game of the season. I will have to make sure my eating is in before we go.

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