My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 41

OK, things are starting to get better for me overall.

Last night, I got to sleep at a decent time. Then my sleep was good as well. I stuck to my Intermittent Fasting hours yesterday, and today.

I didn’t walk today. With my son’s bowling, and everything else, it just didn’t get done.

I got back from bowling a bit ago. I was up at Clayton Valley Bowl tonight.

The place really had the old school vibe going on. Nice modern score system though. Same that I have at my local bowling center.

They provided a meal for the bowlers tonight. I did not partake though. Smelling it though did make me feel some hunger pains. I didn’t take any pictures, but it smelled great. I could see pizza and Lasagna up there. Also tons of sweets. Don’t these guys know I’m trying no to eat this stuff? haha.

Unfortunately, I did not bowl well. 160, 188, and 199 for a total of 547 series. Our match club split 2-2.

Friday recap


MyFitnessPal Food Diary.  1604 Calories, 16 net carbs. I did stick to my IF window.


Does walking around Costco count? haha. No real walk done.


Fitbit tracked 12:36 am to 8 am. I had an alarm set to 8 to get ready for kid’s bowling. Overall sleep was good. I got in my reading, and made it to bed by 12:30 am. Now to start moving the time up. By Monday, I want to be in bed by midnight.


We have an early Barracuda hockey game to go to. I need to make sure I eat before, otherwise, I’ll be fasting till 3 pm haha.

I also have to raid in World of Warcraft, and get some chicken cooked. Still need a few things from the grocery store as well.

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