My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 46

Yuck, today was a down day.

I got to bed fine, but my sleep was horrible. I think I was too worried on getting things done today, and of course, I didn’t. I was up by 8:30 ish, but I just stayed in bed till almost 10 am.

So I don’t feel tired so much, but just felt worn down feeling. I didn’t do a lot of what I was planning to do. Though, it wasn’t all a complete fail. I did cook some chicken breasts, and did a couple of things.

I had bowling tonight. There was 3 or 4 people, in the league, that had birthdays tonight. So of course, this is setup on the lanes I am bowling on.

Funny enough, one of the ladies bowling on the other team is also not eating sugars and going low carbs. She made the comment that I was looking thinner. Then asked what I was doing.

She has been eating low carb for about a month. We talked about how we both were not really interested in the cup cakes. Keto is pretty awesome that way.

I do feel slightly hungry tonight, but I think that is most my brain trying to scream “EAT ALL THINGS!” when seeing the cupcakes. haha.

Wednesday summary

Wednesday was pretty good day. At least when comparing it to today haha.


MyFitnessPal Food Diary.  1675 Calories, 12 net carbs. Eating went fine. I hit my IF eating window.


No walking done.


12:10 am to 8:30 am tracked. I couldn’t really get to sleep, and then it felt like I was waking up all the time. Hopefully, tonight will be better.

So many things to do…

Well, I have a ton of things to do in the next few days. One major project is getting my pc area cleaned up. I need to get to the store as well, or the wife will at least. One day at a time!


  1. Great job dodging the cupcakes they can be tough to resist and you did so good work! It’s the foods you don’t eat sometimes that make the most impact on what you’re doing and count as non- scale wins for sure! Keep up the great work!

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