My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 48

Today felt like a win day for me. I even got out for my walk before the sun went down.

We took one car into the shop to get worked on. Hopefully, it can be fixed without breaking the bank. Next stop was my son’s bowling league.

I had my match club to bowl in the afternoon, so we were just all going to chill there. Since I wouldn’t be in my eating window yet, I brought some almonds to eat, once it was 11 am. Well, my son finished by 11 am, and wanted to go home. So off we went.

Back home, I decided I would try to eat something real quick. Chicken meatballs, my almonds, and pork rinds to the rescue. It was enough to make sure I wouldn’t get so hungry during my bowling.

Back at the bowling alley, I did really great today.  I bowled 222-231-195 today. 648 total for my series.I ended up spending $10 in the 50/50 we do, and the strike pot. First game, my ticket got pulled for strike pot, and I got a strike on my next shot. That was worth $32. So then I pull the ticket for 2nd game. During second game, come to find out, I pulled one of my tickets! So I go up and strike. Add another $32 to my pocket. So I spent $10 today, and came home with $64 haha.

A friend on instagram posted a Friday Faceoff picture. So I decided to make one today and posted it up. This is the picture I posted (I just added dates and weight)

I didn’t notice at first, but that is a 30 lbs difference. I think I can actually see some of the difference too. I know I am feeling it.

Overall, today was a win.

Friday recap

Friday was a second rough day. I think I have been putting extra stress on myself, and it made me feel worse and worse.


MyFitnessPal Food Diary. Keto game is staying strong. I did finish eating slightly out of my eating window. I finished up about 5:10 pm. It just kinda worked out that way. I’m not too worried out it really.


Nothing done on Friday. I did have the chance to get out, but elected to stay at home and watch some shows with the wife. So at least it just wasn’t me wasting time at the computer or something.


I pushed it last night. I was a few minutes late to my reading time. I was getting my Nerdfitness post done, and posting my blog here. I did read right after though. I am getting closer to the end of book 2 in the Expanse series. Caliban’s War. I am really enjoying my read time. Then I was off to bed by midnight. I got in bed, then realized I left my fitbit out on the charge by my computer. So I hopped up and grabbed it.

Fitbit tracked 12:07 am to 8 am for sleep. It did take me awhile to settle down still. Had a few moments of almost asleep… and awake! Eventually though, I got to sleep.


I know I have some gaming to do later at night. I want to get a walk in, so maybe in the morning I can get to that. Plus there is all the cleaning up that still needs to be done. One step at a time!

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  1. Hey man, great job that face to face picture is amazing I can see the difference for sure in the neck and chin area! Keep up the great work man it must feel great to be seeing results

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