My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 52

Hey, new wireless headphones to take on my walks!


I had tried some other wireless headset recently, and they were ok for a day. Then they went to garbage mode the next day. I hope, spending a little money will mean better headphones. I have never owned beats headphones, but have really only heard negative things. I read a reviews about these working really well. I figured I would give them a go.

I went for a walk tonight, and overall they worked well. There was a few connection drop outs, but that might just be my Pixel XL’s bluetooth tech. So I hope they will continue to work at least as well as they did tonight.

I was late on my eating tonight. I was talking with my wife about the new desk she bought. I get to put it together still. Suddenly, I realized it was 5 pm. So I was done by 5:30 pm.

Tuesday recap

I forgot to add a couple of little victories yesterday.

First, I realized that I was low enough weight to use my Fitbit Alta scale again. I thought I had to be under 330 lbs, but I guess the limit is 350 lbs. I think I will start using it now, since it auto reports to my fitbit account.

Second, I fit into my older clothes. At least some of them. Currently, I am wearing 4xlt (long tall to give me plenty of room to cover the gut) Well, I tried on my old 3xlt’s and it looked like they fit. I even tried on a 2xlt “muscle” shirt, and it fit decently too. Just slightly tighter.


MyFitnessPal Food Diary. 1778 Calories, 12 net carbs. Food went fine. I was eating a little past 5 pm. The Togo’s Pastrami in a bowl was pretty good.


2.08 miles, 40 minutes.  I think the Endomondo app didn’t quite track my entire walk. I spent 10 or 15 minutes walking around in a small circle area. I had to battle and take over a Pokémon Go gym!


12:07 am to 7:10 am. Sleep was pretty good, though I was woke up early by a message on my phone. We needed to get up earlier anyhow. I also got in my reading.


I have Thursday night bowling league at night. Either tonight, or tomorrow I need to build the desk for my wife. Just keeping on moving each day.


  1. That’s awesome it must have felt great to fit in those clothes for sure my friend! Beats headphones have never given me any problem and I’ve had wired and wireless ones. I think a lot of people look at the price and get an unrealistic expectation but mine have always been durable. So that mine last I usually get a cheap amazon pair that I use for everything else but use the beats for the workouts and stuff. No matter what ones you use if you use them every day for 4 plus hours they all don’t last too

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    1. Yeah, it was feeling great to try on some of my smaller stuff.

      These beatsx were not too expensive. I got the blue since it was the cheapest of the options. 🙂 I’m just hoping they work well enough for my walking around and playing Pokemon go


      1. thats whats up so the ]Pokemon go works for you huh? Hey I meant to ask you how do you like nerdfit?


      2. I’ve always been a Pokemon fan. Ever since the old Red/Blue release. I still play the games on my 3DS. Pokemon Go for me is fun, and something to do to get out and meet others in my area as well. It isn’t a driving force to get me out there walking. I just enjoy it.
        Nerdfitness has been going well so far. I have been keeping my goals similar so far. Just adding in the IF, and moving my sleep to midnight. Each 4-5 weeks, I’ll probably be adding on something. Just a good way to help build up habits, and hopefully, keep them forever.

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