My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 55

Well, I am happy to report that the Beatsx are still working well. They aren’t perfect, but they did have a good connection on most of my walk tonight. So I am happy.

I did get out for a walk tonight. Walked a bit different route. Had some good music playing on Backspin (SirusXM) tonight.

I’m sure if people saw me walking around tonight, they would probably think I am a crazy person. Lip syncing, strutting, all that stuff. Just having myself a lot of fun out there.

Weight is still coming down. So I must be doing things correctly for the most part.

I had ribs again tonight, but this time I took the meat off the bone first, then weighed it on the scale. That number seemed much more reasonable.


So last night, was the gold medal game. I was just going to bed, and my wife had it on. I am not exactly sure why, but I have really liked curling more and more. So of course, I had to watch. It was worth staying up for. Some really great shots, and Team U.S.A. pulled it out.


Friday Recap

Friday night, I spent time with the wife catching up on some of our shows. I could have went for a walk, but didn’t. (Really should have went earlier). I did get some cooking in, bought new glasses that will be ready in in a couple of weeks, and got some other errands done.


MyFitnessPal Food Diary.  1861 Calories, 8 net carbs. I think the Calorie numbers are inflated a bit from the ribs I had. If I subtracted what I didn’t eat, I bet the numbers would have been better. Well, now I know! I did eat in my Intermittent fasting window. It is seeming more and more that I should make my cut off later. I’m still seeing if I can make it work though.


None done on Friday, other then walking around Costco and the mall.


FitBit tracked 12:11 am to 8:01 am, though I was awake till a bit after 1 watching the Olympics. I was lying there still with my cpap machine on and all. I just wanted to see that curling match!


I mapped out my computer area, so time to actually work on getting my Wife’s desk setup, and mine moved around a bit. Plus I have a World of Warcraft raid Sunday night. I’m aiming to get in my walk early tomorrow, otherwise it will have to be after my raid. I do need to hit up the store for a couple of items as well. So busy, busy!

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