My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 58

Bah hum bug scale!!! For some reason, looks like I gained 2 pounds this morning. Just one of those fluctuations that happens. I’ve seen worse haha.

Today, I didn’t get out for a walk. I was feeling some random pain in my leg/hip area. Like right where the leg socket would go into the hip. This morning it was fine. I should have got my walk in. This afternoon, just random flare ups as I moved around. So I figured I would play it safe, and not walk today.

I think pretty soon, I am going to start adding in body weight workouts, or something. I think it is about that time. Maybe after I get a few things straightened out here at home.

Monday Recap

I didn’t walk on Monday. This is usual though, since I post up my weekly recaps. Plus I have bowling.

Bowling last night was kinda good, and kinda bad. I bowled 260, 168, 199 for a 627 series. I had a great start. I was crushing the pins. Then in the second game, things started changing. Getting a split in the 10th frame didn’t help any! Third game, I did come back and bowl better though. Overall a good series, just not very consistent.


MyFitnessPal Food Diary.  1642 Calories, 11 net carbs. I ate withing my eating window yesterday. Ended up just doing two meals. I had a bit bigger dinner meal to make sure I got my calories in.




12:22 am to 7:41 am. I got my reading in, and headed to bed at midnight. A not so quick bathroom trip, made me get to sleep slightly later. It was a decent sleep, until the morning.


I made progress in my desk area today. Hopefully, I can finish it up tomorrow, or get pretty close. I might have to take my son to school in the morning. Also planning on hitting up the store to get a few items. I need to make sure I get that walk in too. Lots to do!


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