My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 60

Today had been tough. I have been very much not motivated to do anything really.

Things are better with the Sister-In-Law issue, at least somewhat. She is checked into a facility to get help. We are still heading down, and can visit her on Saturday. I hope her husband gets into a similar situation once he is out of the hospital.

To add on to all the things, I woke up today with a sore throat. It’s not full on yet, it just feels like the start. I seriously don’t need to be getting sick.

I’m slipping back into old habits a bit. at least sleep wise. I was up later last night, and tonight also.

Food is going alright though. Still keeping it Keto today. I ate in my eating window. Emotions are still kicked in though, because I feel like I am starving. I know I can’t be. I ate quite a bit today. My brain/stomach are trying to team up to eat the bad stuff.

I feel bad for no getting things done around here, that I needed too. I think starting to get sick, and then all the stuff over the last couple of days has just drained me.

Just trying to keep on keeping on.


We head out tomorrow night. So I have a few thigns to prepare. Going to hit up the store to have some pork rinds and other snacks for me around if I need. Plus, grabbing things for the kids. Hopefully, the weather is good, because we have a 5+ hour trip ahead of us.


  1. Hang in there buddy and you can do this! Also, if you feel like you’re starving maybe you aren’t getting enough calories. Sometimes if you’re in a caloric deficit for a long time you start to get a little run down. You can still keep it Keto but eat a few more calories from fats to get you over the cravings! The key is you are completely aware of what you’re body does and doesn’t need and as long as you don’t confuse eating more calories with eating crappy calories I think a few more healthy calories could help. I also found that flavored waters would help me when I felt like I wasn’t getting enough calories and I needed a few more. They taste great and they also keep you hydrated so that’s a plus and those amazing sunflower seeds, I’m telling you having that salt in your mouth while splitting them apart truly helps me not overdo it when I’m done with my regular meals and I need a little bit more healthy fats!

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    1. I think I was getting enough calories, but not enough fats. Yesterday was convince day. So it was chicken and pork rinds for lunch and dinner. Didn’t get any greens in there. Had almost 1900 calories, and plenty of sodium in there. Just not enough fat and carbs. Had 4 carbs the whole day.
      I’ve also notice that I don’t thinking I am drinking enough water. So my body is probably starting to retain it more. Something I might have to start tracking 🙂

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