My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 69 & 70

Well, I wanted to get my blogging done last night, but I was at the party until 2 am.

I decided, that I would have fun, and have a few drinks. I also ate carbs. Though it felt OK to me. I tried Chicken and Waffles for the first time. It was really good. The alcohol at the part was not very strong at all. We got together with a few people after the party, and the drinks were much better there.

Puddles Pity Party  Was the main event of the night. The guy was awesome. Tons of crowd interaction. I had to get my picture with him of course

Anyhow, the wife and I had a blast. It was well worth the carbs and sugars I had, to just be able to enjoy myself.

On the way home, my wife asked everyone “What are we eating”. Of course, I was considering getting just one more meal, but I declined. Got to get right back in the Keto grove.


Nothing major Saturday.


1:24 am to 8:04 am. So I got to sleep late. This time, it was because I wanted to read more in my book. So I did. Really though, I need to get back on the midnight train.


MyFitnessPal Food Diary. 1733 Calories, 11 net carbs. More Calories then I would have liked, but overall OK. Still in a bit of recovery mode.

Today and Tomorrow

I think today I am going to try to keep the eating a bit lighter to offset last night a bit. Tomorrow I need to get in weekly measurements done.

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