My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 72 & 73

Whoa, forgot about blogging yesterday. I need to make sure this isn’t a habit. I want to get down everything each day.

On the positive front, my weight is continuing to go down. I hit 330 this morning, so I am back to where I was at before the Keto break. At least lazy Keto, and Intermittent fasting are going great. Yesterday, I broke my fast late. I picked up my son from school before eating. Then I was also late on the end window. Didn’t stop till 7 ish.

Monday and Tuesday


MyFitnessPal Food Diary 03/12/18 – 1425 Calories, 8 net carbs.
MyFitnessPal Food Diary 03/13/18 – 1322 Calories, 13 net carbs.

I was more hungry yesterday. Mostly from weird eating times. I snacked on some salami since I knew dinner was coming in a bit.


Ohh, I’ve been slipping hard here. I’m having trouble getting myself to bed. The last two nights, I haven’t gone to bed before 2 am.

03/12 – 2:43 am to 8:49 am
03/13 – 2:37 am to 10:13 am

Very bad. So tonight, I try getting back on track. No real excuse. Just my brain saying screw this, and wanting to stay up. Plus, I feel tired during the day from this. It is harder to make good decisions for heath, and easier to make bad ones. So I have to nip this in the bud, tonight!

Today, Tomorrow, This Week

I need to get some cooking done today. Shipping information is up on the site. Now I know hoe long, and how much it will be to ship my bowling balls out to New York. Now I need to prep everything.

It is raining most of the week, so I don’t know about getting out for walks, plus my son is out early this week for conferences.

I feel a little overwhelmed, but I most think it is because of how tired I feel. Getting some good sleep should help that, I hope.

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