My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 74

It has been raining this week. I’ve been pretty busy getting things ready for New York next week.

Had bowling tonight. Started off with a 185. Then things got worse. A few splits next game dropped me to 165. Finally, I got my act together. I made one little adjustment, and I was striking gold. 265 the last game. Save my series 615. Not too shabby 🙂

It is hard to believer that one little thing can make such a big difference. Though, it seems to be that way with weight loss too. One little tweak can be the start to get things moving.

Overall, I am feeling emotionally well. It helps to have that downward trend on the scale. There has also been other losses with the tape measure. My neck isn’t progressing as much, but that could just be a bad measurement. Everywhere else I am shrinking.

I told my wife today, that I need new jeans. They are so big on me now. I can actually pull them up over my stomach and button them haha.



MyFitnessPal Food Diary – 03/14 – 1612 Calories, 1 net carb. I think I needed more carbs yesterday. I felt hungry. But I did hit my fat and protein numbers. I just think I didn’t have any kind of vegetable last night to help me out.


I wasn’t on time with my sleep again, but at least I was in before 1 am!

12:42 am to 7:43 am. Had to get up early to take my kid to school. Will probably need to tomorrow as well. Tonight, I get to sleep on time, and read beforehand!

The rest of the week

Still getting everything set for the trip next week. So very excited 🙂 I’m thinking about not worrying about getting out to walk as the focus of exercise. Instead I might try to meet daily step goals. Maybe this will get me out more.

I’m also looking into some recipes to make. I’ve seen fathead pizza, and chicken crust pizza. I’m tempted to make something, just need to list out what I need for it. I’ve been trying to find some Keto friendly spaghetti sauces as well. I can have them with Miracle Noodles, or maybe zucchini noodles (assuming it does have too many carbs)



  1. great job with the bowling! Hay I was doing some research and if you feel like the scale isn’t moving as much as you would like you can cut down on your fats a little so that your body burns a little more of your fat instead of the fats your eating. If you go over your protein a little to compensate it won’t convert to sugar as long as you don’t overdo it. I tried it and it helped me lose 5 pounds in a week so it may help when you get back from New York homie!

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