My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 77

It is the end of the weekend. I didn’t get too much done today. It was more of a just chill day.

Checking more and more for things on my upcoming trip. I’ve been checking out an app this weekend called Bitesnap. I want to make food tracking easy on my trip.

Overall, it was pretty easy to use. You take a picture, and then it gives you options for what it thinks it is. It thought my Pork Rinds were chicken or something else. Easy enough to search and add though. Worse case, I just use it to keep a record of what I eat. It was pretty high for calorie count. The Chicken Wings I ate were a lot less in calories than what this app showed. Luckily, I’m not worried about it for that.



MyFitnessPal – 03/17 – 1646 Calories, 8 net carbs. Had Togo’s and Wingstop. Kept everything in control. Didn’t have any massive hunger pains later on. Just the two meals. I still like to get three meals in, but sometimes it is hard to do.


12:12 am to 8:57 am. Pretty decent sleep overall. I did have some trouble getting to sleep. Felt like I woudl just about get into dreamland, then suddenly wake back up. Hopefully, getting back to a regular schedule will help fix that.


It feels like I have a ton to do tomorrow. I need to ship out my bowling balls, go to Costco, take body measurements, get my kid from school, Go bowling later with some of my other bowling balls, and plenty of addition things. Whew! 🙂


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  1. Great post! It’s about that time to head to N.Y for you that’s great man you will have a ball! Enjoy yourself and do something crazy fun you deserve it! There’s plenty of good healthy food there man so you should be o.k to have a mixture of fun foods and the usual low carb you are used to fam! Have a great day and great job with the low net carbs that’s whats up!

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