Month: March 2018

My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 75

And I am back to the 320s. 329 lbs this morning. 🙂

Today was pretty decent overall. Got a few things done at home. Cooked some different foods, and finished up a few more things for the upcoming trip.

Ate a little bit higher on Calories today, but that is OK. Also ate a bit outside my eating window.


The next 4 week challenge is starting over at Nerdfitness. I have my challenge thread posted up Tateman – Escape from New York. Of course, my trip is coming right at the end of the first week.

Now I know, I will not eat Keto while I am there. At least not 100%. I do however want to try to keep myself aware of the food I am eating, while still letting myself have a good time. I will get frustrated with my usual tracking in MyFitnessPal. So, I am going to try a food journal there. I am testing out an app this weekend called Bitesnap: Photo Food Tracker and Calorie Counter. It looks liek I can take a picture, and it can estimate calories and such from the image. Barcodes can also be scanned.

I also want to make sure I get plenty of rest (assuming I’ll have lots of walking and traveling around to do)

Also, I need to just be the tourist. I’m going to try to take a lot of pictures, and see and experience all I can.



MyFitnessPal Food Diary 03/15 – 1318 Calories, 8 net carbs. I got hungry last night. I stayed up late reading, and I could hear my stomach growling. Too small of a dinner. Just had a couple of eggs and 3 pieces of bacon for dinner. Had a late lunch, and wanted to get done eating before bowling.


12:53 am to 7:40 am. Getting closer to bed time. I just felt like I really wanted to read more, so I did. I’m hoping to finish up my book before my trip, then I can take the new one with me.

It has been awhile now since we got our Casper mattress. I think it was worth every penny. It’s been good enough that we wish we had it with us when we were in hotels 🙂 I still have some wake ups and small pain, but it is because of how I sleep with my arms. I’ve tried lying other ways, but I haven’t been able to fall asleep with them yet.


Kid has bowling, and I need to make a stop at the store for some items. The countdown is getting closer. This time next week, I will be in the air!

My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 74

It has been raining this week. I’ve been pretty busy getting things ready for New York next week.

Had bowling tonight. Started off with a 185. Then things got worse. A few splits next game dropped me to 165. Finally, I got my act together. I made one little adjustment, and I was striking gold. 265 the last game. Save my series 615. Not too shabby 🙂

It is hard to believer that one little thing can make such a big difference. Though, it seems to be that way with weight loss too. One little tweak can be the start to get things moving.

Overall, I am feeling emotionally well. It helps to have that downward trend on the scale. There has also been other losses with the tape measure. My neck isn’t progressing as much, but that could just be a bad measurement. Everywhere else I am shrinking.

I told my wife today, that I need new jeans. They are so big on me now. I can actually pull them up over my stomach and button them haha.



MyFitnessPal Food Diary – 03/14 – 1612 Calories, 1 net carb. I think I needed more carbs yesterday. I felt hungry. But I did hit my fat and protein numbers. I just think I didn’t have any kind of vegetable last night to help me out.


I wasn’t on time with my sleep again, but at least I was in before 1 am!

12:42 am to 7:43 am. Had to get up early to take my kid to school. Will probably need to tomorrow as well. Tonight, I get to sleep on time, and read beforehand!

The rest of the week

Still getting everything set for the trip next week. So very excited 🙂 I’m thinking about not worrying about getting out to walk as the focus of exercise. Instead I might try to meet daily step goals. Maybe this will get me out more.

I’m also looking into some recipes to make. I’ve seen fathead pizza, and chicken crust pizza. I’m tempted to make something, just need to list out what I need for it. I’ve been trying to find some Keto friendly spaghetti sauces as well. I can have them with Miracle Noodles, or maybe zucchini noodles (assuming it does have too many carbs)


My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 72 & 73

Whoa, forgot about blogging yesterday. I need to make sure this isn’t a habit. I want to get down everything each day.

On the positive front, my weight is continuing to go down. I hit 330 this morning, so I am back to where I was at before the Keto break. At least lazy Keto, and Intermittent fasting are going great. Yesterday, I broke my fast late. I picked up my son from school before eating. Then I was also late on the end window. Didn’t stop till 7 ish.

Monday and Tuesday


MyFitnessPal Food Diary 03/12/18 – 1425 Calories, 8 net carbs.
MyFitnessPal Food Diary 03/13/18 – 1322 Calories, 13 net carbs.

I was more hungry yesterday. Mostly from weird eating times. I snacked on some salami since I knew dinner was coming in a bit.


Ohh, I’ve been slipping hard here. I’m having trouble getting myself to bed. The last two nights, I haven’t gone to bed before 2 am.

03/12 – 2:43 am to 8:49 am
03/13 – 2:37 am to 10:13 am

Very bad. So tonight, I try getting back on track. No real excuse. Just my brain saying screw this, and wanting to stay up. Plus, I feel tired during the day from this. It is harder to make good decisions for heath, and easier to make bad ones. So I have to nip this in the bud, tonight!

Today, Tomorrow, This Week

I need to get some cooking done today. Shipping information is up on the site. Now I know hoe long, and how much it will be to ship my bowling balls out to New York. Now I need to prep everything.

It is raining most of the week, so I don’t know about getting out for walks, plus my son is out early this week for conferences.

I feel a little overwhelmed, but I most think it is because of how tired I feel. Getting some good sleep should help that, I hope.

My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 71

It’s Monday! 🙂 That means time to review the week. I had my bumps these last couple of weekends, but I am making my way back.

Weight loss:

From my weekend in Los Angeles, I ate carbs and was off Keto. When I got back home, I had gained 10 pounds back. Last week I was making gains to erase that. I did make progress. Lost 4.2 lbs during the week.  10 weeks into this, that makes me 335.4 lbs. 32.2 lbs lost since the first.

I’m about 5 lbs away from being back to where I was before I broke my Keto streak.

My next challenge will be to not slip back too far in my New York trip. For at least the next couple of weeks though, I will be keeping it Keto.


Well, of course there is plenty to work on here! The next couple of weeks I want to get some consistent work in this area. Maybe Body weight workouts, maybe just walking. Anything to help me on my Healthy Journey. Of course, it will probably be interrupted with my trip. Still, a real good start is needed.


03/05 – No tracking
03/06 – 1882 Calories, 17 net carbs
03/07 – 1697 Calories, 14 net carbs
03/08 – 1254 Calories, 8 net carbs
03/09 – 1733 Calories, 11 net carbs
03/10 – Party, assume massive Calories/Carbs haha
03/11 – 1073 Calories, 2 net carbs

Yesterday I stayed lower. Mostly because I knew I had a good time at the party. I ended up not being hungry, so I was shocked.

My Intermittent fasting hasn’t been 100%. Though, I am starting to get it down more. I think my new eating window is Noon to 6 pm. It will be interrupted on my trip, so I may as well play with a bit until then.

This coming week

I’m going to continue in the Keto eating. It’s working well. I need to finish things off this week to be ready for New York. Just got to keep on keeping on.

My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 69 & 70

Well, I wanted to get my blogging done last night, but I was at the party until 2 am.

I decided, that I would have fun, and have a few drinks. I also ate carbs. Though it felt OK to me. I tried Chicken and Waffles for the first time. It was really good. The alcohol at the part was not very strong at all. We got together with a few people after the party, and the drinks were much better there.

Puddles Pity Party  Was the main event of the night. The guy was awesome. Tons of crowd interaction. I had to get my picture with him of course

Anyhow, the wife and I had a blast. It was well worth the carbs and sugars I had, to just be able to enjoy myself.

On the way home, my wife asked everyone “What are we eating”. Of course, I was considering getting just one more meal, but I declined. Got to get right back in the Keto grove.


Nothing major Saturday.


1:24 am to 8:04 am. So I got to sleep late. This time, it was because I wanted to read more in my book. So I did. Really though, I need to get back on the midnight train.


MyFitnessPal Food Diary. 1733 Calories, 11 net carbs. More Calories then I would have liked, but overall OK. Still in a bit of recovery mode.

Today and Tomorrow

I think today I am going to try to keep the eating a bit lighter to offset last night a bit. Tomorrow I need to get in weekly measurements done.

My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 68

Not a whole lot to report today. Overall, the past two days, I have been feeling much better emotionally. Clear head, just an in general great feeling. Weight is coming off. dropping some of that water weight that I gained.

I’ve been already thinking on how to handle New York in a couple of weeks. The main goal is to make sure I have a fun experience while I am there.



Sleep, I was bad. I stayed up till almost 3 am playing World of Warcraft.

2:49 am to 8:34 am. So yeah, I need to not do this. Especially, when I am not feeling all that well with coughing and stuffy nose.


MyFitnessPal Food Diary. 1254 Calories, 8 net carbs. Lower calorie day, but felt ok until late night at 1-2 am. Still, back to keto eating


Tomorrow is party night. I plan to enjoy myself some. We shall see how it goes on the night. the rest of the day is lighter, or all keto for sure.

My son has bowling in the morning first. Then we will head to San Francisco at some point. Party isn’t until 7 pm, but we need to check into the hotel, and make sure everything is all setup to go. We will come home Sunday. Then I am back on it.

My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 61-67

Sorry, I have been updating this like I should these last seven days. It’s been a combo of feeling ashamed/embarrassed that I had a failure of a weekend.

My Time in Los Angeles

The trip started off with a evening drive. I should have tried to eat before hitting the road, but I did not. After a few hours of driving, we decide it is time to look for food. By this time, I am pretty hungry. We find a McDonalds. I’m not too worries. I can Salad it up. Well, this Mcdonalds had no salad. They had some breakfast option, but it was just the sandwich ones. No just get eggs and bacon. So I just got chicken nuggets and frys. I sat down, and felt defeated right away. I’m breaking my keto streak for Chicken nuggets, and frys? Of course, had I though more clearly, I could have just got a burger, and took the bun off, then ate pork rinds that I had in the car. I ate most of the nuggets. They did not taste very good. The fries were ok, but similar I could not eat too many. That stuff hit my stomach like I ate a rock.

This set the mood for my weekend. I ate snacks my wife had brought along. Popcorn and candy, plus a little bit of mine. I did decide that if we were going to eat out at places, at least let it be good food. Not just junk fast food. At least, we did that. I had some pretty good Mexican food one night. The last day there I had really good pizza and salad, then an awesome Pastrami sandwich.

When I left town on March 2nd, I weighed 329.8 lbs. Four days later on March 6th, I was 339.5 lbs. So a 10 pound setback. That is a pretty big weight gain. I guess that is what happens when you go full carb haha.

The family stuff

The family stuff did seem to get all taken care of. Sister-in-law is in a facility. She is there voluntarily, and can technically leave whenever. It looks like she will be in there for 3 weeks or so. Her husband was in the hospital, and insurance only let him stay long enough to get detoxed. He has set up some out patient care, AA, and a Psych evaluation. Things look to be moving in a positive direction.

The older kids are at home still, and will be helping as they can. In a few weeks, the Husband and youngest are coming up our way to spend time with his brother, and us.

Getting Back Up

Slowly this week, I am getting back to my ways. No walking, but I am losing weight, tracking food, and getting into an IF again. I’m already back down a couple of pounds. I am experimenting with Noon to 6 pm eating window. It worked out well today.

Tomorrow and This Weekend

I have my wife’s office party this Saturday up in San Francisco. My dilemma is how do I proceed. Originally, I was going to have this party be my first break from Keto. Now I am not sure I want to do that. I’m just getting back in the mode. I won’t be able to really track calories and such that I have at the party, but I can still eat as keto friendly as possible. Of course, this means no alcohol either. Not like I would go more then a couple of drinks anyhow.

Then I have New York coming up in a couple of weeks. I know I won’t be eating 100% keto there.

I’m going to do my best to end this week on a positive note. #1 is I get back to Blogging each day again.