My Journey to a Healthy Me, Days 83-92 New York

Well, I am back from the trip to New York. I did get a small post in at Nerdfitness while I was out, but never got anything on the blog. So I figured I would make a couple of posts today. This first one, is just talking about the trip, and return.

So we were off to the airport on Friday night. There by 7:30 pm. We flew out at 10:17 pm. The flight there was really good. It was a bit faster. I did not need a seat belt extender! I worried that I would need one, even though I had dropped weight. We landed at around 6:30 am New York time. I didn’t sleep at all on the plane. Too worried about snoring or whatever. So I just stayed up.

By the time we got to the hotel, it was closer to 8 am. Check in was at 4 pm though! Luckily, our room was ready. We were in time to enjoy the breakfast there even.

I started out using the Bitesnap app to track food a bit. Eventually though, I wasn’t using anything. I did test my blood sugar levels a couple of times, and they didn’t get really high.

I’d love to say I still ate keto, but that wasn’t happening. haha. Though, I had already decided it was ok.

Saturday the 24th

With us getting in so early, Saturday was a recovery day. We didn’t go do any real activity. Everyone got in a nap. Then we decided to walk out, and see what is around. There was a Dunkin Donuts right near our entrance. Right outside, there was some really cool buildings and churches.

We took a walk later to a TGI Friday’s. My wife and Sister in law are a fan of the place in Los Angeles were they use to live. Unfortunately, this place was horrible. It was also very expensive. By far, probably the worst meal.
We got in a bit more walking. Just mostly stopping in touristy stuff. Later on, we ordered things from Amazon Now service to deliver to our room. Then we could have water and snacks without having to walk a few blocks carring it all.
Sunday the 25th
Sunday was the 9/11 Memorial/Museum tour.
It was all a short walk from our hotel. I took more pictures with my actual camera. The last image was actually from our bus tour the next day.
It is hard to imagine being here when this all happened. I was on a the other coast, and remember feeling scared. I didn’t know what was going on, other then it seemed we were under attack. Being here brought back many of the feelings I had that day.
In the museum, there is a “day of” area. It takes you through the whole day. Only my oldest and I went in there. There were many scenes that I don’t think my 7 year old needed to see.
Later on, I met up with some friends at Luzzo’s La Pizza Napoletana.  It was really good, and I had a blast meeting people I play games with. We even rode the subway back with a few.
Monday the 26th
Big bus tour on Monday. We had planned going to The American Museum of Natural History also, but the bus did not head that way. It was also a lot colder this day for whatever reason.

We caught the bus tour down at Battery park. (You come here for the Statue of Liberty ferry ride as well) Again, very short distance from the hotel. I think it was like 1/2 a mile or something like that. Took a few pictures. Mostly on the other camera.

We rode the bus to Time Square. Then got off. It was close to lunch, so we stopped in to get some Pastrami. That stuff was really expensive too, but ok. Next we walked over to the Nintendo Store near Rockefeller Plaza. On the way back to get the bus, we headed to the M&M store there.

We rode back to the hotel, and called it a day. By the time we would have made it to some of the other attractions, they would have been closing. Finished off with Dinner from Katz’s Delicatessen. Of course I had Pastrami 😉

Tuesday the 27th

Well, since we didn’t get the History Museum in on Monday, we would have to squeeze it in here. We also had an extra item added to the list. My wife wanted to surprise my son with a trip to the Intrepid museum to see the Space Shuttle there.

First up though, The Statue of Liberty.

Since we knew we had to fit in 3 things, time was a bit limited. We got out really early to Battery Park. We we rode the bus the previous day, we saw huge lines. We knew we had to get in early.

The ride over was fine. it was colder, so we stayed inside. Once over there, we walked around the place. I took pictures of the statue, pictures of the city, a few selfie shots. Even battled a couple of Pokemon Go gyms there. Since time was an issue, we did not get off at Ellis Island. instead, we came back to Battery Park.

A short (40 minutes) Uber ride, and we were at the Intrepid Air and Space Museum. They have the Space Shuttle Enterprise there on display.

The ship was really cool so see. You walk through a lot of it to get to the elevator that takes you up to the flight deck. My son was surprised, and it was a great time there.

From here, we have one more stop to hit. The American Museum of Natural History. Unfortunately, I did not see Neil Degrasse Tyson roaming around. 🙂

There was so much stuff here. I mostly wanted to check out the space side. So we went. There was a meteorite there. 15,000 tons. There was lots of interactive walls and scales that my son was loving. You could see how much you weighed if you were on a White dwarf, etc.  Time was short, and everyone was worn out. So hopefully, we can make a return someday.

Wednesday the 28th

Travel day. It was time to make the trek up to Syracuse New York. Very nice drive overall. Not too busy, and the snow covered hills and valleys looked cool.

Once we arrived, I met up with the guys I am bowling with, over at the event center. We typically all do this. Go over, take pictures, and buy team shirts.

After we met up, we decided it was time to go have some Dinosaur BBQ.  Man, it was great. the place was super packed. We had to split into smaller groups so we could actually get served. I took a picture of the family meal we ordered. Chicken, Ribs, Brisket, Pulled Pork, Cornbread, mash potatoes and gravy, chili, and a tomato cucumber salad. I had leftover the next day after bowling. 🙂

Thursday the 29th

My bowling balls did arrive safe and sound. They all passed inspection. Team event was up first. 5 man team, and we bowl 3 games. Our squad started off at 7 pm.

First game, I struggled trying to make something work. it is a tough condition, so there is very little forgiveness out there. I did get myself going towards the end, and games 2 and 3 were much better. I bowled 130, 214, 216 for a 560 series.

Friday the 30th

Today was Doubles and Singles events. 6 games total. We bowled at 11 am. I started off doubles pretty decent, but I wasn’t as accurate I was was in team even. The shot was very touchy, and the oil line burned up fairly quick. For my doubles event, I bowled 189, 170, 198 for a 557 series. I was pretty happy, and thought I had a good look going into the Singles event.

Man, was I wrong. 139, 136, 201 for a 476 series. I was all over the place trying to find something to work. Eventually, I did find a good shot, but a little too late.

I have a 1593 total for all events. Right now, that has my in 32nd place, but the tournament is just started. there are 3-4 more months of bowlers, so I am sure I will drop down. Still, I had a lot of fun. This is my 11th year bowling it (8 in a row), and my 3rd best scores.

After bowling, I shipped my bowling balls back out. Then we hit the road back to NYC.

Saturday the 31st

We arrived very early to the airport. We didn’t have anything to really go do anyway. So we just killed time. I walked a little bit, but nothing much. Eventually, we boarded the plane. No seat Belt extender still!

The flight seemed very long, and it felt really hot. I was sweating some major bullets. Once again, I did not sleep. Flight left JFK about 7:40 pm or so. We arrived in San Jose at 11:47 pm (2:47 am New York time) So man, we were beat. We all got home safe and sound though.

Sunday the 1st

So, I was bad. I wanted one more “bad” meal. So I had some Chinese food. It was great 😉 Nothing other to report, except we were all worn down.

Monday the 2nd

Back on it. Well, mostly. I ate all Keto. My net carbs was right at 20g. No walking, and I got to bed a bit later.

I got up to do my official welcome back weigh-in. 339.6 lbs. I gained 12.4 lbs on vacation. Actually better then I though. This is similar to when I went away for the weekend and gained like 10 pounds back. So hopefully, it can come off fairly quickly too.


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