My Journey to a Healthy Me, Days 94 & 95

Well, I was feeling horrible yesterday. So much so, that I didn’t really do anything. Just tried to recover. Didn’t want to blog, didn’t do much but sit at my computer. Well, and a few lightsaber battles with the youngest. 🙂 Headaches, body aches, and my insides were like liquids. It was a rough couple of days.

Then last night, I started feeling better. It seemed out of no where.

Today, I feel good. Really good actually. I felt better as the day progressed on.


I had bowling tonight. My bowling balls are still on their way back from New York, so I was using some of my old bowling balls tonight. I used them last Monday as well, and the results were not so good. No spare ball as well, so it makes picking up some of my spares a bit of a challenge. Tonight I did much better. Bowled a 590 series with a 228 game my last game. So I was happy enough with that.


I made myself some chicken breasts today. So now I have some for the next few days. I am, also looking into making some chicken wings as well. I really like the Louisiana rub from Wingstop. I’ve been looking for something similar to that. Otherwise, I may make some garlic Parm wings I saw on Headbangers kitchen.

This guy is pretty cool, and he has a ton of recipes that look so good. Tandoori wings or butter chicken wings are also options I am considering 🙂

My food since Monday has been on point.

MyFitnessPal – 04/03 – 1529 Calories, 9 net carbs. (plus NyQuil carbs 😦 )
MyFitnessPal – 04/04 – 1471 Calories, 10 net carbs.
MyFitnessPal – 04/05 – 1626 Calories, 8 net carbs.

Tuesday night, I did take some generic NyQuil. Later I looked up the numbers, and it looks like it was 19g carbs all by itself.

Weight loss

Monday I was 339.6 lbs when I got back from New York. Today, I am 332.5 lbs. I blame part of that to being sick haha. Still, good progress to getting back to where I was.


Sleep has been getting better. Last night, I got to bed at almost 2 am though. Still, the last couple of nights have been some really restful sleep. So, I need to make sure I get in my reading and sleep still.


I have a leak in my tire. So tomorrow I need to go get it looked at. Hopefully, quick and easy fix. Then I need to get off to a store to grab a few items.

Wife is still sick. Hopefully, she starts getting better soon. I am glad I don’t have all the stuff she got. Hopefully, I don’t catch it.

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  1. Man, that’s awesome you have lost that much so fast! I dig headbangers kitchen he is awesome I learned to make fat head pizza from his channel. I’ll be praying for your wife to get well soon homie!

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