My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 98

It’s late, so I think this will just be a real quick little blog post.

Temptation man, it is tough. Today, I almost gave in. I had the urges earlier, but nothing too major. It might have started at the movie theater. You know, the smell of popcorn in the air. I do love me some buttered popcorn. It wasn’t massive though. I watched Ready Player One with my oldest son. It wasn’t too bad. A fun enough movie. Nothing that made me say “Oh, I got to see this again right away” haha.

I got McDonald’s for the family, but I skipped it. Got home and had some pork rinds and chicken. Then I played a bit on the computer. Our raid was canceled for tonight, so no World of Warcraft with my friends. Instead, I watched Wrestlemania with my wife.

By this time, I was getting the cravings. I kept having those whispers in my head. “Ok, just grab a handful of robin eggs, and jelly beans. It’s only one day, you will be fine” “Ohh, those chips would be nice right now. Hey, if you have some chips, then you may aw well get some of that candy!” The debate kept raging in my head. Yes, I could eat that candy tonight. I could get right back to Keto tomorrow.

I know myself too well. If I were to give in today. It would make it that much easier to give in tomorrow. Or I would start doing the keto part time, bad eating part time again. I can’t have that. Now I am not ever saying I can’t have candy, or all those sweets ever again. I just need to be in a better place. Much close to my goal. I can recover from special events where I break out of Keto eating, but giving in right now would be very bad for my mindset I think.

So, I push on. Instead of giving into the candy and such, I started focusing on what to have for dinner. Part of the problem too, was that I wasn’t really in the mood to have the old chicken and salad again. What started saving me, was the though of making some chicken crust pizza. So, that is what I did.

Once I ate that, there were some small cravings still there. Even now, I’d love to just go grab some candy. Making, and eating the pizza though was what made that all fade down.

Hopefully, this up coming week will be better. Once my wife is feeling better, maybe she will be ready to not have that junk int he house as much.


Weekly update time. I may go see Black Panther as well. I will also have bowling. My bowling balls should be back to me tomorrow, I just don’t know if ti will be in time for my league.

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