My Journey to a Healthy Me, day 99

99 days in! Today is my week in review.

Last week was my return to the good graces of Keto. After having a great trip in New York City, it was nice to be back home to continue pushing on. I gained 12.4 lbs while on vacation. A big jump, but not impossible to recover from.

Week 14 in review

Weight loss

Well, I almost made it back to my before trip weigh this week. 11.8 lbs lost. Now, I say that it has some to do with me being sick when I got back. 🙂 Still, it feels great to drop that much. I bet next week will be a stall week though. Usually seems how it is when you have that big loss from starting up Keto again. With losing almost all of my vacation weight, that brings me back to almost 40 lbs lost since the first. 39.8 lbs.


I had a couple of rough days. First with being sick, I took NyQuil one night. That has like 19 grams of carbs by itself. The last few days, I have been struggling hard with temptation foods being around. I almost felt ready to give in yesterday. I just need to keep pushing through it, until I am back to not having such strong cravings for the bad foods.

My Intermittent fasting has mostly been on track. There have been a couple of mornings that I ate early, and even one day I ate really late. I felt like it has been ok this week.

04/02 – 1598 Calories, 20 net carbs
04/03 – 1529 Calories, 9 net carbs (This night before bed, I had NyQuil)
04/04 – 1471 Calories, 10 net carbs
04/05 – 1626 Calories, 8 net carbs
04/06 – 1534 Calories, 16 net carbs
04/07 – 1639 Calories, 10 net carbs
04/08 – 1540 Calories, 10 net carbs


Sleep has been all over the place this week. I’ve been letting myself stay up extremely way too late. Even last night, I stayed up to finally beat Pokemon Ultra Moon. This week, I really need to reel this back in, because I hate feeling so tired in the mornings, and it makes it much easier for me to say yes to doing nothing. Some nights, I have read, and some nights I haven’t. One of the late nights was just because I decided I wanted to read a lot haha.

04/02 – 12:01 am to 7:28 am. 6 hrs 57 mins sleep. 16x awake for 30 mins total
04/03 – 12:58 am to 7:31 am. 6 hrs 11 mins sleep. 16x awake for 22 mins total
04/04 – 11:57 pm to 9:17 am. 8 hrs 33 mins sleep. 22x awake for 47 mins total
04/05 – 2:06 am to 8:57 am. 6 hrs 19 mins sleep. 24x awake for 32 mins total
04/06 – 1:21 am to 9:44 am. 7 hrs 49 mins sleep. 20x awake for 34 mins total
04/07 – 3:41 am to 8:06 am. 4 hrs 14 mins sleep. 7x awake for 11 mins total
04/08 – 1:42 am to 8:46 am. 6 hrs 34 mins sleep. 20x awake for 30 mins total.

Writing it all down, I can really see how I have jumped off rails of the sleep train.

This coming week

Work on getting my sleep back into control. I want to get myself doing some form of exercise. Make sure my Keto game says strong, and just hit one day at a time. 🙂


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