My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 100

For day 100, I made Chicken Wings 🙂 Cajun spiced chicken wings to be exact. They came out really well. Even both kids ate them. The only problem I had was having some of the seasoning start to burn a bit. I didn’t spread it well enough. Good enough though, and left overs for me.

Today has been decent emotionally. I didn’t have any massive cravings. Food during the day went well. The chicken wings were a nice addon for the day. Something to mix up the standard of what I have been having.

More keto around

My wife hasn’t gone to Keto land yet. She is still battling this cold. It is good that other people are getting her interesting in these other types of foods though.

My wife got a cookbook Simply Keto. The few people at her work also got it. So each of them have been bringing in different things they made from it. Today a coworker brought in some Keto brownies. Even enough that they wanted me to try some too. My wife brought it to me when she got home. So over all it was pretty good. A little dry on the first little piece I had, but better on the second. Not bad carb wise either.

I also was telling my wife about some keto bread options I have found. Something for breakfast sandwiches (for me) and something she can have as toast or like a egg mcmuffin type item in the morning. Her normal staple is toast or English muffin in the morning.

I believe she is getting excited to give the Keto a try, and I am excited to be seeing a lot more things I need to try.


Nothing too major Monday. I finally got my bowling balls back. About 30 minutes before I was going to leave for bowling too. Unfortunately, they didn’t help me. I did not bowl well at all. I kept having issues with my thumb hanging up in the ball. Hopefully, I can figure it out before Thursday bowling.


We went and did a little bit of shopping. I bought some almonds, since I was kind of craving them. Ate a couple of servings, so that shot up the calorie count a bit.

04/09 MyFitnessPal – 1781 Calories, 14 net carbs.


Better, but not on target yet. 12:29 am to 9:12 am. I didn’t read, and got to bed later. Then I had some trouble getting to sleep.


Dentist appointment in the morning. I have to have my crown re done. So that will make coming off of my fast interesting. Otherwise, just a normal day 🙂


  1. Man, when I try any keto baked goods they are all I just take the hit because it just doesn’t come close to the real thing.

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