My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 109

Hooray, bowling went well tonight! 🙂 I did make a few errors though. Missed a 10 pin, and 7 pin. My games were 244, 205, 181 for a 630 series. Those two spare misses were in that third game.

I got a few things done today. Mostly housework stuff, but I felt accomplished getting it done. Blood Sugar was a little low this morning, so I think it has been effecting me. Like Not wanting to get up out of bed to do anything. 3 mornings in a row now. I wake up, then just sit in bed doing stuff on the phone. So I hope to break the cycle tomorrow.

I have been starting to notice more changes in my body. Taking measurements, and before pictures help. I can see the changes there. I’m also noticing that my legs aren’t getting as swelled up as they use to. I am really happy to see that happening.


Didn’t get out and do too much. Still got a little sunlight. mostly everything went fine. I was up a touch later, and read until almost 12:30 am.


04/18 MyFitnessPal – 1555 Calories, 13 net carbs. Much closer to where I like to be. I think my happy place is 14-1600 calories. Most days. 🙂


12:34 am to 8:33 am. A bit of trouble getting to sleep. Then in the morning, my arms were bugging me a little, and couldn’t keep asleep.


Shopping day. I was also hoping to check out Super Troopers 2, but don’t think I can.

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