My Journey to a Healthy me, Day 112

Today went OK overall. I am probably higher on calories, and carbs they I like to be. Hopefully, not enough to kick me out of keto.

I started off the morning with some meatballs and some walnuts. I had packed up some of the walnuts to eat on the way there as well. The drive took about 1 1/2 hours. I finished off the walnuts before getting there. Once there at Double Decker Lanes, I went in to scope out the place. 🙂 I arrived early enough.

Sometimes, but not always, Match clubs that host will also supply food to eat. Today was a day were they provided food. I was hungry too for whatever reason. So I decided to check out what was around. There were some meatballs in a sauce, a ranch dressed salad, and I grabbed a Strawberry. I guessed in MyFitnessPal as what it was I ate.

Bowling was ok, but a bit rough. I felt good though.

It took over 2 hours to get home. I grabbed McDonald’s for the family, but didn’t get any for me. Since I was not sure of my true numbers, I wanted to try eating little carbs. I made an Omelet, and had a couple of pieces of bacon. Will see how my weight is the next couple of days to see if this effected me that much.


I had a great time at the Hockey game, and they won. 🙂 Oddly, I was hungry after coming home. I just stuck it out and drank more water though.


04/21 MyFitnessPal – 1571 Calories, 13 net carbs. I had a strawberry with dinner, and I wonder if that is what was helping to trigger hunger later on.


12:10 am to 8:48 am. I got all the sleep 🙂 Felt like a pretty good sleep overall. Had one wake up at like 7 am, but otherwise it was great.


Time to start up on the NerdFitness Challenge. I plan on getting up and doing my usual routine, plus take measurements and pictures. Then I am going for a walk. I’m going to really try getting the exercise in the mornings.

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