My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 114

Whew, what a day yesterday. Probably my best day in a long time.

I started off the day with running C25k Day 1. I originally was just going to walk, but I decided to try to get the run in. I was able to finish it, didn’t die haha. 😀

Then I had bowling last night.

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Finally bowled well on Monday 😁

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So hey, not so bad! 😉 It felt really good to bowl that well last night.

I got in my other goals as well.


04/24 MyFitnessPal – 1577 Calories, 12 net carbs. 105 oz of water tracked. I also ate in my eating window. I’m going for 11 am to 6 pm right now. I was eating after 11:30, and done before 5:30 yesterday. I also got that water tracked.


12:07 am to 8:06 am. 7 hrs 59 mins total. 23 x awake for 23 mins. I ran out to get some Pokemon in Pokemon Go with my son, but I was back up right at 11 pm. Then I was off to read. After that, into bed. Sleep felt decent, but it was warmer, and I was up a couple of times.


Like I said earlier, I did C25k Day 1 yesterday. This week, I am trying to make sure I get in my 6,000 step goal a day. Sunday will be rest day. Yesterday, I hit 7,107 steps in. 68 active minutes.

Today, and this week

Well, I got in a walk this morning. Trying to make this the new normal. Looks like I still need more steps to reach 6,000 today.

I made some chicken, but have to make more items from my list still. I also need to stop by the store.


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