My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 115

This morning, I did complete C25K Day 2. Unfortunately, my phone crashed during the cooldown walk, so it didn’t save. Then my phone crashed 2 more times today. So not happy with that. I was pretty sore today too. A bit yesterday, and more today. My muscles freaking out over being used!

I also missed my dentist appointment today. Mostly because I thought it was next week. So I rescheduled for tomorrow.

The scale this morning should a little gain. Seems like this is a big stall week for me. Might be from tracking my water, and taking more in. Will see how it tracks into next week.

Then the big bomb of the day happened. My wife lost her job. They were shrinking down in her area, but it was a little sudden. I’ve been the stay at home Dad for like 8 years now since I was laid off in 2010. So my job skills are 8 years old, and that is forever in computer time. So it would be more likely that she will be able to get a good new job. We have stuff to keep up a float for awhile. I’m just started to freak a little. Time to cut back on subscriptions and other costs we have been living with. Everything happens for a reason. So who knows what the next few months might hold for us now. 🙂 Maybe be in 5 months, we are living in another state or something haha.


Tuesday went well. I got out for a walk in the morning. Also took a bit more of a walk when I picked up my son from school. Later on, I raided in World of Warcraft.


04/24 MyFitnessPal – 1683 Calories, 18 net carbs. 63 oz of water tracked. Quite a bit less then Monday haha. Though running, and bowling I used more water. A side note, my blood sugars have been getting lower in the last two mornings, so I need to make sure I watch this.


12:01 am to 8:03 am. 8 hrs 3 mins total. 20 x awake for 49 mins. I got my reading in down on time, and was off to bed on time. Had a bit of trouble actually getting to sleep, and had a wake up a little after 4 for whatever reason. Otherwise, sleep seemed fine.


6,427 steps 56 active minutes. Just enough to get over the 6,000 goal for the day. Like I mentioned earlier, it was a walk in the morning, and then a walk in the park near the school my son goes to.

This week

Chores and more chores. Plus, I still need to get a few items at the store. I will probably go after my dentist appointment tomorrow.

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