My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 116

Well, today has been harder. I think mentally, I am getting in a funk with the whole wife losing her job and all. I try to not freak out, but I was freaking out when I was trying to sleep. So I went to bed late last night, and I did not get out for a walk today.

Bowling tonight was ok, just not as good as I wanted. 🙂

A positive note, my blood sugars were better this morning. So there’s that. 🙂 I also made my dentist appointment. She gave me two movie tickets for leaving a review on Google, so score!


Yesterday was decent. I got in Day 2 of C25k, which is huge. Played with some friends online. On the downside, my wife lost her job. So the worry and stress meter has gone up. I know things will be fine, just the way I am.


04/25 MyFitnessPal – 1651 Calories, 12 net carbs. Good on my eating window. Had a KetoConnect Cheddar bay Biscuit. This time I got the measurements correct, and it was much better.


1:49 am to 8:53 am. 22 x Awake for 59 mins total. There is is. I got a little freaked out. Stayed up later and later. Then decided I would ready for a little bit. It didn’t calm me enough, so I spent some time in bed freaking out a bit. Then I woke up a few times.


6,534 steps. 66 active minutes. I also got in Day 2 of C25k. No picture since the phone crashed.


Shopping time. I need to get to Costco for a few items, and to fill up the gas tank. Plus, Day 3 of C25k in the morning.

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