My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 121

Well, today was busy, and a bit draining. Had to take the car in for some service this morning. This meant getting up earlier then I normally do. This also meant I couldn’t get in my normal walk time. Also, my son was sick. So no extra steps getting him. Still, I went for a walk when I got back from dropping off the car. I was short of my step goal, so I went out for another walk this evening.

Today I tried making the Keto Connect Low Carb Tortillas. I could not get them made to save my life. I had one that sort of came out like it should, but it was too thick. Wasted some ingredients, but I still tried at least. 🙂


Monday had running, blood work, and bowling! 🙂 I got in my repeat of C25k Day 1 Week 1. Then I ran off to get my blood work done. Later I bowled. I did OK. First game was bad, second game was 244, and I don’t recall the 3rd game.


04/30 MyFitnessPal – 1783 Calories, 13 net carbs, 91 oz of water tracked.

Decent amount. Blood sugars still hanging a bit lower, but I think it will balance out soon.


12:07 am to 6:48 am. Truth be told, I was awake by 6:15 am. You know those days when you are worried about getting up on time? That was me last night. So of course I woke up really early. So too little sleep. Hopefully, tonight will be much better.


8,845 steps. 106 active minutes. I finished off C25k Week 1 Day 1. Did a little extra walking, then finished getting even more steps at bowling.


I might try making cheesecake tomorrow. It is a recipe from I also want to make some bread as well.

In the morning, it is run day again. So we will see if I can get all those steps in.


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