My Journey to a Healthy Me Days 136 & 137

I didn’t get into blog yesterday. 😦 I did get quite a few things done though. I made some chicken breasts, chicken wings, and then trying to make Walnut Snowball Cookies from

Mine look the part, but I don’t think they taste right.

I think they are still pretty good though. I just struggled with the recipe a bit I think.


So far, I have been very close to how my macros should be with the 30% deficit. I am down to 308 this morning. I am hoping the trend continues. I will have to make sure to check my macros ever so often to see if I need to adjust. For now, things are moving along, so I can complain.


No where I have some control of my food. I don’t have much control over some of this stress and anxiety I am having. Today we were told that our Landlord wants us to be gone by July 1st.

Now, we knew he wanted to move back in for awhile. So honestly, I figured we would end up moving June or July time frame anyhow. Now it is just official. It freaks me out knowing my wife doesn’t have a job yet. She does have some very promising leads though. So I am not at full level stress. We just wanted it to be in order. She gets the job, we try to live as close as we can afford to the job. We may need to move first, then she gets the job. I am hoping in the next week or so she might start getting some offers coming in. 🙂


Well, I am going to have to roll back on my exercise. I tried to test out the ankle today. There is a park by my son’s school. So I did a little bit of walking around there before walking in to pick him up. I didn’t push or speed walk, or any of that. On the way back to the car, my ankle was hurting. It wasn’t horrible tonight at bowling, but I could feel it. I can feel it just walking around the house.

I could do other things to exercise of course, but I think my real focus needs to be on our move. So much needs to get ready. We are going to get a roll off dumpster next week. So I will be tossing things out during Memorial day haha. Hopefully, we can donate or sell what we can though. Just it is time to really downsize. Plus, I need to be reading for moving. This time I think we will have people come load the truck, and unload at least. Still, tons of work to do before that.


I have clean up to do still, from making all the things. We also are headed out to get some shopping done. I also need to have a few things for me to take this weekend. I have a Match Club event, and it is a 2 hour drive one way. I am taking my oldest with me. Since it will be Pokemon Go Community day, we are heading up early to do some Pokemon hunting before I have to bowl. 🙂

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