My Journey to a Healthy Me, Days 138-140

Sorry guys, looks like I am missing days again. Stress and anxiety are really acting up. Toss in a dash of depression, and you get me not wanting to do much of anything. Well, other them me just wallowing in thoughts.

This morning, I just wanted to stay in bed, and let things just happen with magic. hahaha.

So mentally, I have struggled. I stayed up super late last night. Just looking at housing. Worrying about how we can get a place to live when there is no income yet. Like we are being hit from all sides at once. No job, not too worried. That should come. Have a job, but have too move, OK we can make it work. Instead, there is no job yet for my wife. (though some hopeful prospects) We have until July 1st to be out of the house because the owner wants to move back in. I could get out to try to get a job, but any tech skills I had are at least 8 years old. Even if they were current, I don’t believe I would be able to get a high enough paying job anytime soon. Rent here is so expensive. One of the “cheaper” places we looked at a couple of days ago. Not far from here, and nice. Still $3,050 for rent. Today we were looking at how much apartment type places would be. Of course, those are not that much cheaper. $2600-2800 range for 3 bedrooms.

So all of this, and my wife is worried too. We even though about just up and moving someplace. What about Nevada, or some other state. That is very risky too.

One constant at least, is my Keto. I am sticking too it. I had bowling this weekend, so I had to break up my fasting schedule. Still, I pulled it off. Sticking closer to what my macros should be is also working. I am losing weight again. I am absolutely thrilled with that.

Still Fighting

I’m still in here fighting it out. I got up today, and got all the dishes done that I let pile up over these last few days. It isn’t much, but it is a small little victory. It made me feel good to at least get that done.

I’m not mentally going to win all these days, but ever little victory is helping. So I just have to keep fighting.

I do believe, things will work out. I have to believe this.  Really though, even if we have to pack up and go live with my sister in law, we will find a way to make it work.

All the little victories

I was getting ready this morning, and caught my profile in the mirror. It made me want to take some pictures, so I could compare to my January 1st photos. Now I don’t see much in my face, nut my gut is smaller. So maybe tomorrow, or maybe the beginning of next month, I will have to get a picture take so I can see some changes.


Tomorrow brings in a new week, and an all new chance for me to succeed. I’ll post up a week summary. I think I will also cook a few items. Fat Bombs, a different Keto Bread, and some chicken. At least that is the plan for now. 🙂



  1. Wow I didn’t realize rent was that expensive there! It’s definitely not that here and we rent a house! Maybe Vegas would be a good idea? What kind of job is your wife looking for?


    1. Yeah, it is crazy expensive all around here. My wife was Lead Payroll in her position. There was a payroll job she put in for with MGM grand, but it paid $16 an hour. She was closer to $65 when she was laid off. So a bit of a difference. Though when I was looking at some housing near Vegas, there was cheap enough places that we could probably afford if she was making at least 26 per hour.

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