My Journey to a Healthy Me, Days 144-147

Sorry, I haven’t been updating. I’ve just been busy going though the garage. We have our roll off dumpster for the next few days, so time to fill it up.

I’ve got e-waste piles and donation piles. So while I am not out walking, I am getting some exercise in a different form. 🙂

The last few days


Food has been on point. I haven’t stopped my IF too much. I have had a few different times, but now real problems. Each day I have still been getting in my macro mostly. Just about out of my fat bombs, so I need to make more very soon. It is very nice having something like that on hand for a quick pop.


Sleep however, has been all over  the board. This time at least, it hasn’t been from anxiety or anything. I have been planning things for the move. Sometimes, I do get my brain fired up. One night I went to bed on time, but couldn’t sleep until like 2 or 3.

This coming week

Of course, moving is Job#1. Besides that though, I do need to get a few other items finished. Pre-cooking would be great. Bread, chicken, fat bombs, and maybe more. All things I have been wanting to get done.

With Monday coming up, I need to get my week in review going. It is also the first day for the latest Nerd Fitness Challenge. I have my thread up “Tateman tries to survive June” This means taking “official measurements and pictures” for the start.



  1. Good luck with the move man I didn’t see do you guys already have a new place? I’m glad you have been sticking with everything and not letting life get in the way.

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    1. Yeah, we have a new place over in Fremont. Not too far away. Actually, right down the street from where I bowl. 🙂 We are going from a 3 bedroom house to a 3 bedroom apartment though. So we are having to downsize

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    1. technically, paying $150 more per month, plus $25 for a parking spot. Cheapest houses in the area have been a minimum of $3100 a month. Even houses out 30-45 minutes drive out are that much.


      1. As an added benefit though, the pool and work out facility is pretty close. I can walk there in just a minute or two. The workout place is open 24×7 as well. Nothing too fancy there, but I can use it to my advantage 🙂

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