My Journey to a Healthy Me, Days 149 & 150

Forgot to get in a blog post yesterday. Everything is still going well for the most part. I haven’t been having any weird mood swings or anything.

Yesterday while working in the garage, I decided to mix a little Apple cider vinegar with my water. It took a little bit to get use to it, but overall it wasn’t bad. I had seen some Dr. Berg videos were he talked about drinking some. He used it with other ingredients. You can read up on some of it here

The REAL Reason Why Apple Cider Vinegar Works

Overall, I found it interesting. Of course I did lose a couple more pounds afterwords 😉 I don’t exactly attribute apple cider vinegar for that though. It isn’t something I have done every day, but I may bring it on from time to time. I want to keep looking into it more, but it may just be good on a Keto way of eating.

There hasn’t been much going on, other then moving stuff.

Today, I setup my son’s new bed, and we got my other son’s desk made today in the new place. Plus we unloaded a couple of items we brought over. I still have my new desk to build over there. That should be in Monday. I also have my oldest son bed to build up there.

We got in a Goodwill donation run yesterday as well. It was kind of a pain. We went to the store. They asked us to go to the drop off truck, because the guy got super busy. We went to the truck, and the guy there wouldn’t help us. Told us to go to the store. He had to clean up stuff that someone dropped off before he opened. (it really was not very much) We had to go back to the house for my wife to have a phone interview. Finally, we went back to the store, and was able to drop off the items.


The last couple of days, food has been on point. I am missing my fat bombs, so I am about to go make a double batch when I am done here. We got some food from costco today. There is some swiss cheese that I am really liking a lot. No carbs even! 🙂


The last two nights, I have been back on target. I am finishing the book “Level Up Your Life” by Steve Kamb. He is the guy behind Nerd Fitness. I have had the book since it came out, but never got around to reading it. Honestly, not my typical book I like to read. That said, it is a very good book to start people in the right direction. I figured I would finish this book off, then move on to the other stuff I have ready to read.

I haven’t been getting to sleep as soon as I want too, but it will come. I’ve also been waking up too early.

The rest of the week

It is pretty much, just more moving. I have plenty I want to get done, and food cooked. We just have to see if I can pull it all off.

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