My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 162

Today was the day!

298.5 lbs 🙂 Of course, I bet I gain 3 pounds tomorrow just because haha.

January 13th, 2015 was my last time being below 300 lbs. I was already back on the incline, but had one last little dip back below 300. Of course, then I ballooned way back up. Now, I am on the down swing. September 9th, 2013 was my first time ever below 300, at least after high school or early 20s. Now to continue on, and beat my previous low weight of 257.5 lbs.

5 months until my birthday. I wonder if I could make 50 lbs by then. I guess it depends on how bad I want it. haha. Still, weight loss shouldn’t be the real focus. How I feel, and how much healthier I am becoming again is the real star. The weight loss is the side effect of the hard work.

This just goes to show you, no matter how busy or stressed, you can get it done. Sometimes it is incredibly hard. These last couple of weeks have by no means been easy. If I can do it though, then everyone can do it. You just need to find the path that is going to work for you. Keto is doing it for me, but not everyone can do Keto.

My Dad is in town today, so tonight we went out to eat. I had already had some food, but I still ate. We went to IHOP. Warning, don’t get the Omelet if you are on keto. They use pancake batter in the omelet mix. What should be pretty low carb, winds up being like 70-80 carbs. I overate calories wise today a bit, but still maintained the keto eating. Dinner for me there was 3 eggs over easy, with sausage links. I wanted the chicken fried steak, or some of those nice lookign omelets, but I am not ready for that now.

One thing that does help, is that I know I will feel like garbage after downing a ton of carbs. It has happened the couple of times I went off Keto this year. Like a rock sitting in your stomach.

Moving is going. It feels like there is still so much to do, but really, we have made great progress. Today I finished building the bed for my oldest son. We also moved over almost all of the kitchen items. We have a few things here still, since we are still living here. Just now we have a lot more paper plates and bowls. haha.

I may not be getting my steps in, but I have been getting that stair climbing done. Fitbit says 17 floors today.


My wife has an interview up in San Francisco. She had a few calls today that also sounded promising. I might try to get a trip to move some items in the morning. I know my Dad will come over at some point to hang out.


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