My Journey to a Healthy Me, Days 170 – 190

Oh man, has it really been 20 days since I blogged?

These last few weeks have been kind of a blur. We did get all moved out of the house. Everything ended up going fine with that. I definitely got my work in. I had one day that fitbit said I did 35 flights of stairs. That is a lot of carrying boxes up stairs!

My wife started work today. She is a temp to hire position, so it doesn’t really relieve the stress yet. I think she will do fine there and get hired in soon.

Now that we got the move out done, we have to move in! haha. I have a list of items I need to get done. So many packed up boxes to get unpacked. Things to hang up.

With all this, I have been doing my best to keep ketoing on. Though, I think I knocked myself out of ketosis the last couple of weeks. I started getting weird hunger hits, and had some swelling pop up. Not enough food options for me. I did my best with Quest bars and such, but I think it ended up being too many carbs still. At least I didn’t give in and get really bad food. I had a real craving for some King Eggroll Chinese food.

Weight Loss

With moving, came all the stresses of me not tracking, or even weighing myself. My fitbit aria scale isn’t communicating through the Comcast router, so I hope to get that fixed soon. I did use the scale today to see I was at 300.9 lbs. So I gained some weight back. Hopefully now, I can drop it right off.


The next round of NerdFitness 4 week challenge is on. I made my post over there earlier today. Tateman Moves in and gets settled

I made a few goals there to help get me back on the ball. Mostly the same things I have been doing so far.

This week

I am getting myself back into my good habits. Plenty to do around the house to keep my busy. I want to also think about workout routines. I don’t want to try starting one this week, but soon. Maybe once we are settled in more. The apartment complex has a bit of a gym. So I can figure out some exercises to do with the limited equipment they have. I’ll be getting myself back to posting each day again too. 🙂

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