My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 191

Back to the grind today.

I did get some shelves and other items ordered, so soon I’ll be making some progress on setting up in the apartment. I also got some chores done today that needed to get done. Progress! 🙂



07/09 MyFitnessPal – 1773 Calories, 19 net carbs (17 if I subtract the sugar alcohols). I did start eating until 10:45 am ish, and was done by 5:30 pm. Hit what I wanted to here. Once I am back to my normal self, I will focus more on my numbers. I’l have to get those fat bombs going again. 😉


Sleep wasn’t as successful as I wanted.

12:58 am to 9:04 am. 7 hrs 4 mins. 18 x awake for 1 hr 2 mins. I ended up ordering things online with my wife, which was over about 11 pm. I still had to get my blog post in though. So I wrote that. I could have been to bed on time at least, but I just did other things. I’ll be better tonight. I ordered a refurbished Kindle paper white from the Amazon prime day pre-launch. $30 off refurbished ones. I’ll give it a try here in a few minutes to see how I like reading before bed with it.


The plan for tomorrow is to get a monitor setup in the older kids room, and get my younger son’s PC setup out here. I’ll have to build the little desk, and go through a couple of boxes, but I will get there. Other items should be here on Friday, so this weekend will mean setting that stuff up.

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