My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 198

I just got done hanging up a few shelves, and figured it was time to get a blog post in.

Dinner tonight, I had some Zucchini noodles (an entire bag) with some Alfredo sauce. I included some chicken meatballs, and Italian sausage. It turned out really good. The sausage has no carbs, and is really good. I’ve been eating it by itself. I want to get it on some pizza soon. The chicken meatball, I also eat by themselves sometimes. It Aidell’s brand. 1 carb for 3 meatballs isn’t too bad. Plus, they are very quick to heat up. The zucchini noodles were pre-spiraled ones. This was the first time trying them, and it was only 4 net carbs for the whole bag. So, I ate it all. haha. The Alfredo sauce was store bought too. I suppose I can probably make a better version myself. I just need to take some time to find a good recipe. I know there are many out there.

It is nice to be getting some normal routine starting up again. Things are still crazy, but it is getting better.

The Mental Game

I haven’t talked about it much, but the mental game is really important in all this. My stress levels have gone down a lot more since my wife has started working again, and we got the move done. There is still plenty to worry about, but I feel like we have turned that corner. I don’t have to freak out about too much more.

I also haven’t been having any weird mood swings. Sure, some mornings I just want to sit in bed for a couple of hours. I just am not doing it as much.

I feel like mentally, I have been in a pretty decent space. Even with my horrible bowling some days! 😉

I know things can change. August is the month my Mom died in 2010. Most of the time I get in a funk before realizing why I am like this. So I will be trying to stay aware of it, and just work through each day that gets rough.


07/16 MyFitnessPal – 1905 Calories, 18 net carbs (17 net subtracting the Erythritol) I also got my eating in plenty of time. I had gone shopping yesterday, so I actually started eating much later in the day.

I forgot to wear my fitbit to bed last night, so I didn’t get any sleep tracking. I did however feel like I got a decent sleep last night. It didn’t seem so warm.


More shelf hanging! We probably also need to start moving our items around for the pest control being done on Thursday. Really not lookign forward to this. I just hope it is fast, so we can get back in soon, and move all the stuff back.

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