My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 199

Oh man, 199 days into the year. Almost to the magical day 200. I wonder what the percentage is of people still following their New Years Resolutions. Hey, if you are not right now, you can start back up. Like Christmas in July, maybe we need New Year’s Resolution in July. haha 🙂

I got in more work around the house today. Shelves are all hung now. so progress there is happening.

Looks like my weight is still dropping so far this week. I am going to have to really get some pre-cooking done one of these days though. I am running out of my convenience foods.

Tomorrow is our day for pest treatment tomorrow. The maintenance guys will be here at 9 am to take off the electrical plates on the walls. So we don’t have to move around everything, just make sure everything is unplugged, and they have plenty of access to the panels. It will still be a pain, but that is better. The other guys will be here at 10:30 am to start work. They should be done by 2:30, or maybe that is when we can come back? I’m going to ask them tomorrow morning since they want me here when they should up.

Plan is to grab some In n Out to eat for lunch, and my kid and I have a Pokemon Go raid to go do. We can reach from the car, which is great since I will have all the animals with me. After that, probably headed off to hang out at the park for a bit or something.

Let’s look back at yesterday

07/17 MyFitnessPal – 1538 Calories, 16 net carbs (14 if you subtract the Erythritol) Also got in my fasting hours in.


12:32 am to 8:31 am. 7 hrs 22 mins. 9 x awake for 37 mins. I got off the computer on time, was just a little later getting to bed, but everything done on time. I did struggle to get comfortable. It was hotter, and I was thinking more about what I am going to have to do Thursday. Still ended up sleeping well enough.


Busy day with pest treatment. Hopefully, all goes well and I can get to bowling as well. Food might just be all over the place though, or my fasting my be different times. We shall see.

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